Zoinx Sunglasses Stay on your Head and Out of the Water

Zoinx Polarized Sunglasses Review

zoinx sunglasses review

Zoinx polarized sunglasses won’t fly off of your head and will allow you to better see the fish in the water.

Boating season may seem far away with the recent snow in the Midwest, but it’s never too early to start looking for your next pair of shades. Finding a great pair of polarized sunglasses is a challenge, and losing them can be really annoying but we’ve found a pair that you’re not going to be able to lose. Zoinx polarized sunglasses come with a unique strap so that even if your glasses come off in the water, the glasses float up to the top. 

Zoinx Polarized Glasses Review

With Zoinx polarized sunglasses, the problem of having your glasses fall off of your shirt won’t be an issue. The Zipper Pouch/Sport Strap kit that comes with the Zoinx sunglasses not only protects your sunglasses but it also holds them in place so they won’t fall out. The temple clip that comes with the glasses is even interchangeable and clips onto the sport strap so that they won’t fly off of your head either.

Zoinx Sunglasses Review

One issue with boating and having nice sunglasses is the tendency for them to fly off when you get going. While this is a possibility, the flotation insert on the sport strap will keep your Zoinx polarized glasses from winding up at the bottom of the lake.

Polarized Zoinx Sunglasses

Fishing almost requires that you have a pair of polarized glasses to better see the fish, and these do the trick. Even on a sunny day, you’ll easily see your lures swim in the water and will be able to cut down the glare on the lake’s surface.

Zoinx Review

Get your pair of Zoinx polarized sunglasses on Amazon or on their website here.

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