Your Guide to Commercial LED High Bay Lighting

Discover how you can optimize your lighting in large commercial spaces like warehouses and manufacturing centers


If you are the owner or the operator of a large commercial space—like a warehouse or a manufacturing center, then you know how important lighting is to everyday operations. In order to properly light a space with several hundred thousand square feet, buildings require high bay lighting. In order to get the right lighting profile for your property, there are several different factors that need to be considered including light color, temperature, placement, number of fixtures, and the type of lights. Today, we’re here to discuss how LED high bay lighting is essential for keeping large commercial spaces running as efficiently as possible. LEDs are essential for recent lighting applications for a number of reasons including their durability and compatibility with commercial lighting control systems. We’re also going to show you a few different high bay lighting options and discuss their different applications and use cases. If you are interested in learning more about high bay lighting, keep reading!

What is LED High Bay Lighting?

Before we get into the different types of lights, we need to define what high bay lights are and how they work with lighting control systems

High bay lights are used in a variety of commercial applications.

As we’ve mentioned, LED high bay lighting is a type of lighting that is used primarily for warehouses or manufacturing centers. These lights are designed to provide ambient light across a large area. Most often, these lights are suspended from the ceiling and are intended to improve visibility across an industrial area. Another key characteristic of these high bay lights is that they are especially powerful. Since the areas they are required to light are so large, these lights need to be bright enough to reach every corner of the facility.

LEDs are the designated preference for all new lighting installations and renovations because of their superior performance, smaller profile, and reduced installation cost. There are even more advantages of using LEDs—like compatibility with lighting control systems—that we will address as we talk about the different examples of high bay lighting.

Now that we know what high bay lights are and why they are the top choice for large industrial spaces, let’s take a look at the different types of lights you can choose from.

What Are Linear High Bay Lights?

Linear high bay lights are perfect for providing ambient light to large spaces and LEDs ensure compatibility with lighting control systems

Visual example of linear high bay lights used in a warehouse.

As the name suggests, linear high bay lights are positioned in the shape of a long line that extends the length of the industrial facility. These kinds of lights are perfect for even light distribution throughout the facility. The powerful linear high bay lights are usually installed about 25 feet from the floor of the building so that the light output is evenly distributed.

By using LEDs as the lighting choice for high bay lights, businesses guarantee that the lights themselves are powerful enough to reach every corner of the facility. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are able to produce brighter, higher quality light that allows for added safety and uninterrupted visibility. Since LEDs have a greater level of control when it comes to light temperature and quality, linear high bay lights are able to produce high-quality light that mimics sunlight to prevent eye-strain associated with working under artificial lights. LEDs are also perfect for integrating automated controls via a lighting control system. Not to mention, opting for LEDs instead of other lighting methods can save businesses up to 85% on lighting costs.

What are Round UFO High Bay Lights?

Just like linear high bay lights, UFO lights produce high-quality light. Unlike linear high bay lights, UFO lights offer a bit more design appeal

UFO lights are more visually appealing for event spaces.

While linear high bay lights are perfect for purely industrial applications. There are some large commercial spaces that require a bit more design detail. For large spaces like athletic facilities, event centers, or large retail spaces round UFO bay lights are the top choice. Round UFO high bay lights are usually suspended about 20 feet above the floor of the building and have a distinctive shape that resembles a spaceship—go figure! These lights—as are all other commercial lighting applications—best when paired with high power LEDs. The UFO-like shape of the lights ensures that all light is evenly distributed around the indoor space. Aesthetically pleasing, effective, and low cost UFO lights are the perfect solution for commercial spaces looking to incorporate a bit of design into their lighting package.

What are LED T8 High Bay Fixtures?

T8 high bay fixtures boast the same features as our other examples—this time with very minimal maintenance required

T8 high bay light fixtures are dependable and long-lasting.

The last type of high bay light that we’ll be discussing today is the T8 high bay light fixtures. These types of lights are perfect for industrial applications, as they don’t take much into account design wise. However, what these light fixtures lack in design they make up for in durability. When paired with LED lights, T8 high bay lights require minimal maintenance and provide your industrial space with consistent, high-quality lighting. Some industrial centers are operating 24-hours a day, all year long—which means that maintenance is a top concern for building managers. The less time managers have to spend replacing lights and fixtures, the more efficiently the business will run. With the addition of LED lamps, T8 High Bay lights become one of the most durable and safe lighting solutions.

LED lamps operate without the dangerous chemicals that were used in fluorescent lighting. Which means when the lamps reach the end of their service life, replacing them is easy and safe. LEDs also don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as fluorescent bulbs, which means that your team can operate efficiently without having to constantly worry about replacing the lights.


Choosing the right lighting setup for your commercial space is no easy task. There are so many factors to consider—even more than what we’ve briefly discussed within this article. The kind of lighting you choose will largely depend on the size of your space and the purpose of your space. You may have other capabilities that you require from your lights as well. For example, some will need expanded lighting controls for events, some will require integrated security systems, and others will need to adhere to specific design principles.

However, the one thing that all commercial businesses should count on is LED technology. No matter the style of high bay lights you choose to implement, make sure that you are using LED lamps for high-quality lighting, better lighting control, and greater efficiency.


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