Young Hunter with Some Great Birds- User Submission

Young Hunter with Some Great Birds- User Submission

cute little hunter

Jayden Rose is pictured with two ducks that he and the group that he was hunting with during the Wisconsin Duck Opener shot

The Wisconsin Southern duck hunting season opened up this past weekend and waterfowl hunters everywhere were out before 9 a.m. for the opening day. Pictured above is Jayden Rose who tagged along with his dad and some friends behind their home . The group managed to have a pretty good morning even though, to Jayden’s dismay,  they probably missed more than half of the ducks they shot at. Jayden was pretty happy about the ones that did get brought home including this nice wood duck and goose. 

Jayden has big plans for the goose, which he says he is going to mount in his family’s living room. His parents have agreed to that and we’re sure that it will look great right above the fireplace.

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