Worst Hunter Vs. Dumbest Deer Video

Worst Hunter Vs. Dumbest Deer

Sometimes when you’re hunting, things just don’t come together, but for this hunter he really blew his shot… or shots. The video shows the worst hunter vs. the dumbest deer where the hunter just can’t seem to hit a buck standing broadside right in front of him. The buck stops and stares while the hunter fires 3 shots, all missing far to the left. Hopefully this guy was able to get his gun sighted in, or his eyes checked.

Worst Hunter Vs. Dumbest Deer Video

The worst hunter vs. dumbest deer video is pretty funny and luckily the deer ran away unharmed, although it probably didn’t deserve to. This brings us all to the real question here…. Can you imagine if this guy had a bow?

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PJ Cashman

PJ is the co-founder of MorningMoss.com and is an avid hunter and lover of all things outdoors.

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