World Record Mako Shark Catch- Video

World Record Mako Shark Catch Video

Yesterday we posted an article about two cousins, Earnie and Joey Polk, who managed to catch an 805 pound pound, 11 foot Shortfin Mako Shark from shore. The two caught the shark in a secret location in the Florida panhandle along the gulf coast. We came across this great video of them wrestling the shark to shore and we wanted to make sure that everyone got to see it.

The video shows the fisherman wrestling the big shark to shore. While the Polks usually release their catches and tag them for conservation efforts, this shark was too tired to swim back out to sea. The shark, which is the new world record mako caught by a shore fisherman, later became the centerpiece at a community barbecue.

What an awesome fish caught by some talented shore fisherman. This is their third combined world record. Make sure that you send us your fishing stories and photos and we’ll post them up on the site.

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