Rare Wolf Kill in Southern Wisconsin

Wolf Kills Calf in Columbia County Wisconsin

Wolf Attack southern WI

A wolf attacked and killed a calf in Columbia County, Wisconsin near Poynette. This is a rare occurrence in the Southern part of the state.

Wolf kills are rare in Southern Wisconsin, but they do happen. Last April, a wolf was killed near Portage, WI and this past week, a wolf was doing the killing not very far from Portage in Columbia County. 

Wolf Kills Calf Near Poynette

An Arlington, WI farm had a calf killed by a wolf in a rare attack that seldom happens in the Southern part of the state. The calf had it’s throat torn out and had it’s neck broken. DNR officials confirmed that it was a wolf attack due to the way that it was killed. Wolves kill animals by taking them down by the throat. Coyotes kill by attacking the back of the animal to take it down.

Southern WI Wolf Kill

The farm is owned by Rick Stevenson and his brothers and includes 1,800 acres. They have never had an animal attack until this one. This is the first attack by a wolf reported in Columbia County this year and is a rare occurrence.

Wolf Kills on Livestock

Stevenson says that he has seen a wolf on his trail camera back in May of 2014, but has not seen one since. Wolf attacks seldom happen in that area and he is unsure if it’s the same animal.

WI Wolf Livestock Kills

Currently, wolves are not able to be hunted in Wisconsin after they were banned when a federal judge re-listed them as an endangered species in the Great Lakes area.

Do you think it’s about time we were able to get wolf hunting back?
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