Wisconsin Gun Deer Season Stats

DNR Gun Deer Season Update:jim-wackler-deer-1

Wisconsin’s annual nine-day gun deer hunt sees increase in statewide buck harvest – opportunities for antlerless deer hunting continue through January!
Close to 600,000 deer hunters embraced the excitement of another nine-day gun deer season in Wisconsin, and preliminary numbers show an increase in the buck harvest, especially in the far northern counties.

For the nine-day gun deer hunt, the 2016 regional harvest breakdown by region (with percent change from 2015) included:

Northern Forest Zone: 23,445 (30 percent increase) antlered and 8,955(21 percent increase) antlerless;
Central Forest Zone: 5,067 (2 percent decrease) antlered and 2,943(2 percent decrease) antlerless;
Central Farmland Zone: 48,872 (1.4 percent increase) antlered and 62,612(8.2 percent decrease) antlerless;
Southern Farmland Zone: 20,508 (3.4 percent decrease) antlered and 24,383(-10%) antlerless; and
Total: 97,892 (5.7 percent increase) antlered and 98,893 (6.2 percent decrease) antlerless.
Hunters were required to register harvested deer before 5 p.m. the day after harvest. Any hunter who failed to follow mandatory registration rules should do so now, despite having missed the deadline. For more information regarding preliminary registration and license sales numbers, search keywords “weekly totals.”

Additional deer hunting opportunities continue through December

Hunters are reminded of additional opportunities to hunt deer in Wisconsin after the close of the nine-day season. This year’s muzzleloader season is currently open through Dec. 7, and the archery season is open through Jan. 8, 2017. A four-day antlerless-only hunt will take place Dec. 8-11, while the holiday hunt will be offered in a number of counties statewide Dec. 24 to Jan. 1, 2017. Any legal firearm, crossbow or archery equipment may be used during these hunts.

The gun deer season will remain open through Dec. 7 in metro sub-units, while archery hunting in these areas is open through Jan. 31.

For more information regarding which hunts may be offered in each county, check out the interactive deer map at keyword “DMU.”

Hunters asked to participate in online Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey

The Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey will remain active until all deer seasons have ended, and wildlife managers ask that hunters submit a report of what they saw during their time in the field. This information will provide valuable data used to improve population estimates for Wisconsin’s deer herd and other species.

For additional information, search keywords “deer hunter wildlife.”

Play Your Part – Join a County Deer Advisory Council

As a reminder, those interested in providing important feedback regarding deer management are encouraged to participate in County Deer Advisory Councils. These councils use a number of resources, including deer population data, harvest data, public input and other information to provide recommendations regarding deer management in their county.

Additional information regarding CDAC recommendations, agendas and membership can be found at keyword “CDAC” – any additional questions can also be sent to DNRCDACWebMail@Wisconsin.gov.

If you’re not sure – ask!

DNR Call center staff is available seven days a week (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) to answer any questions. Call toll free 1-888-WDNRINFo (1-888-936-7463). Bilingual operators and publications are also available.


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