Wicked Tree Gear Saw Reviews

Wicked Tree Gear Saw Reviews


Wicked Tree Gear’s line up of saws is perfect for any branch trimming and hunting job that you can imagine

Walking back to your vehicle because your equipment can not get the job done is both frustrating and a waste of valuable time.  If you are like me, nothing is more frustrating than trimming out some branches just to have your saw break after the second limb. Many saws these days are made from crappy material and you will be lucky if they make it past one day, let alone one season of use, but the saws from Wicked Tree Gear are not your ordinary saws.

Wicked Tree Gear Hand Saw Review

Wicked Hand Saw

The Wicked Gear Hand Saw is light-weight, durable and easy to handle on tough branches

Offering a wide variety of hand saws, pole saws, bone saws and sheaths Wicked Tree Gear is in a class of it’s own when it comes to building hunting saws. Made out a tough cast aluminum handle and high carbon steel blades, these saws can handle anything without failing. With absolutely no plastic materials you can be sure that you will be trimming trees for years to come with no more worries about the saws snapping in your hand mid-branch.

The hand saws are light weight and easy enough to stash in your bag to bring in for a bow hunt in case you need to trim up a branch before you sit out too!


Wicked Tree Gear Pole Saw Review

Wicked Pole Saw

The Wicked Tree Gear Pole Saw is long, sturdy and can reach up to 12 feet to trim your bow stand shooting lanes

Regular pole saws are a pain to drag into the woods because of their length and the always dangling string. the 12 ft Wicked pole saw can fold down to an amazing  32 inches due to it’s telescopic design, while still being very study. Unlike other pole saws this one will not bend when you extend it to farther reaches and will remain solid so that you can continue to trim branches. They also offer a 6 ft model that can fold down to 19 inches. Once again no plastic parts to break!


The unique cutting angle allows for easy trimming and the razor-sharp blades do the rest. The ease of use of these saws can not be undermined and what used to take hours to trim up my stands, can now be done in nearly half the time.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the greatest parts of all the Wicked Tree Gear products is that they come with a great warranty. Todd Pringnitz, the owner of Wicked Tree Gear, has always encouraged people to send in any products that break and he will replace them.  These saws are very affordable compared to other top quality pole saws and will last you a lifetime.

If you would like more information on the Wicked Tree Gear products, check out their website store here.  The saws really do last and I’ve never had one break yet.

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