WI Deer on the Golf Course- User Submission

WI Deer on the Golf Course- User Submission

Deer Golfing

This photo was taken in Oshkosh, WI of a deer on the Far Vu golf course on hole #3

This golfer in Oshkosh, Wisconsin got a nice surprise when he was playing over at the Far Vu golf course. On hole #3, the signature hole of the course, he saw a doe and several fawns run across the hole when they were about to shoot! The golfers managed to avoid the deer getting hit, but got some great photos of them in the meantime. 

photo 3 copy Golf Course Deer

These look like some healthy deer and they better learn to stay away from people since archery season in Wisconsin begins next week. Thanks for the submission and if anyone else some some awesome outdoor photos, please send them in to us!


PJ Cashman

PJ is the co-founder of MorningMoss.com and is an avid hunter and lover of all things outdoors.

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