Why Should you Summer Scout for Big Bucks?

Why Should you Summer Scout for Big Bucks?

Summer Deer Scouting

Summer scouting can reveal some great tips on how to kill a big buck come fall.

Summer scouting can be a huge benefactor your in-season success for big whitetails, but many people seem to forego the chance to check out what they’ll be hunting come fall. Many hunters say that the bucks that they got on their trail cameras all summer just up and disappear come September, and while that may be true for some, other bucks do stick around. Here is why you should summer scout for big bucks.

Create a Hit List

Taking inventory of the bucks in your area is a good way to know what you’ll be hunting come fall. Sure, there are always some surprises later in the season, but this way you at least have a good idea of the caliber of deer you’re hunting. By looking at trail cameras and seeing the bucks in your area, you can get a good assumption on what type of deer you will shoot and what you’ll pass.

Learn Patterns for Early Season

Some whitetail seasons, like Wisconsin, open in mid-September. Many times bucks are still on their summer patterns that first week of the season and this can be a great time to put a beautiful buck on your wall. By watching deer feeding in fields and seeing where they’re coming and going from, you can get a good idea of where to set up a stand for those early season hunts. You never know, you may tag out on opening night.

Having Fun

When summer rolls around, many of us have some serious buck fever going on. We can’t wait to get out on a hunt and scouting deer can be a good way to curb that (or in some times make it worse). Summer nights cruising around looking at deer can be a great time and it’s certainly better than a night on the couch.

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