Keep Your Whiskey Chilled with a Whiskey Bullet

Whiskey Bullet

Whiskey Bullet

The Whiskey Bullet is the perfect drink accessory for any avid hunter who loves to drink. Sip Dark

If there is one thing that hunters, hardcore outdoorsmen and manly men (and some women) love more than cheap beer and shooting guns, it’s whiskey. Sipping back on a cool glass of whiskey is a great way to celebrate success or just unwind. Unfortunately, keeping it cool and not watered down can be a challenge. Not anymore with the Whiskey Bullet from Sip Dark.

Whiskey Bullet Drink Cooler

Sip Dark Whiskey Bullet

Adding the Whiskey Bullet to your home bar collection is sure to impress fellow shooters.

To get the maximum velocity out of these bullets, simply chill them for four hours. Drop the bullets into your glass of hard earned whiskey and enjoy a cool drink free of water. We promise that these bullets do not contain lead.

Perfect Outdoorsman Gift

whiskey bullet cooler

Keeping any drink cool is simple with the Whiskey Bullet drink cooler.

Six whiskey bullets are included in a set for $44.99 and come in a slick matte black case. This is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman on the weekend and the suit from 9-5.

Awesome Liquor Cooler

Makers of the Whiskey Bullet recommend one bullet per ounce of liquor. So pour your drink of choice, drop in a bullet and keep your glass free of vegetarians and wary onlookers.

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