Which Animals Are Hunted The Most And Why? Find Out Here


Animals are hunted for a variety of reasons, from clothing to cuisine. The most commonly hunted animals are those that are readily available and in abundance in their native habitats. One of the most hunted animals is the wild pig, which has an estimated population of over one million pigs in North America alone. Other animals that are commonly hunted include deer, ducks, geese, and quail. In this article, we’ll examine why some animals get more attention than others and the reasons behind it.


The elk is the largest member of the deer family and one of North America’s most popular game animals. These creatures are hunted for their meat, which has an excellent taste that varies by sex (the male tastes gamier than females). Elk antlers are also valued as trophies due to their large size, especially among hunters who prefer to hunt with rifles instead of bows. They typically live in herds ranging from 10 to 400 individuals during all four seasons. Hunting season runs from October through December or January depending on geographical location. While hunting for elk is widely permitted across North America, there are some age requirements and limits that need to be followed in order to hunt legally. Huge elk bulls are sought after for their trophy value. Elk are oversized deer, capable of carrying more than 400 pounds of meat on their broad backs. Considered the ‘gentle giants’ of the big game hunting world, male elks can weigh up to 1,200 pounds and run faster than horses over short distances making them difficult to bring down with high-powered rifles sometimes taking as many as four shots.

Wild Boar

Wild boars are the most commonly hunted animals in North America, and for good reason. Wild pigs reproduce quickly and often, they eat almost anything, and their aggressive nature makes them an easy target overall. Once hunted mainly as farm predators, wild boars have now become a popular game animal that is actively pursued with dogs and rifles. Boars can weigh up to 700 pounds and live in groups of approximately 25 members. Their meat is leaner than pork yet not as tough as beef, making it a delicious alternative to red meats with less fat overall. Although they may be active during the day or at night, boars tend to root around during the cool hours of dawn and dusk. Their excellent sense of smell makes them quick to detect hunters, but their poor eyesight often helps catch them unaware.

Whitetail Deer

The most popular game animal in North America is the whitetail deer, numbering more than 20 million individuals. They are easy to hunt and generally calm creatures that seek safety in numbers while hiding in thick vegetation during the day. Unfortunately, they usually wander into populated areas at night due to decreased visibility, this leads to car accidents resulting in injury or death for humans and the deer themselves. There are four major types of deer hunting available, bowhunting, black powder hunting, rifles with scopes, and stand hunting. Bowhunting is considered to be the most challenging type of deer hunting, followed by black powder which also requires a muzzleloader for hunting. Rifles are typically more common but stand hunting is arguably the easiest way to hunt deer because you can simply sit in one place and wait for them to come into range.


Ducks are common waterfowl that fly south once temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. These migratory birds make up a huge chunk of annual game harvests across North America, especially during migration seasons when there are more ducks on the move than usual. The main target for hunters comes from duck species such as mallards, teal, wigeon, pintails, shovelers, and ruddy ducks, all of which enjoy the cool temperatures and abundant wetlands that winter brings. Ducks are usually hunted with shotguns, but hunters also use large canvas or metal boxes called decoys to attract them to a fixed location so they can be shot more easily.


Geese fly in large flocks and migrate at night when their visibility is low, making them an easy target for hunters who typically sit on boats in wait during dawn and dusk hours. Geese feed on grasses and grains which makes them common pests around farmlands. Their population is often controlled by game management officials to keep their numbers down. Of course, goose hunting is also popular for sport among people across North America every year since they find geese delicious to eat. Goose hunting can be done with shotguns or through decoys, which mimic a flock of geese resting on the water and waiting for a tasty meal to come along.



Hunting is a popular pastime for many people in North America, and there are plenty of animals to choose from when out with your rifle or bow. The most commonly hunted animal in the United States is the wild boar and elk, followed by whitetail deer and ducks. Geese make up a huge chunk of annual game harvests across North America because they migrate during migratory seasons which makes them easy prey for hunters sitting on boats waiting with shotguns at dawn and dusk hours. We hope that information you found in this article will help you in your future hunting endeavors and increase your chances of success!

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