WeatherFlow Wind Meter Review

WeatherFlow Wind Meter Review

WeatherFlow wind meter review

The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is a small anemometer and app that reads the wind direction right on your phone.

Wind Meter App

Hunters need to know the wind direction and while there are many apps out there that can tell you your city’s temperature and wind direction, they don’t take into account different landscapes and elevations. For those who want a very precise reading as soon as they step out of their truck on their hunting property, there is the WeatherFlow Wind Meter. This portable anemometer and app for your phone gives you wind readings and is extremely accurate. You can buy yours on their site here.

Anemometer App

WeatherFlow Wind Meter

Finding out the wind direction is a useful thing when hunting and sneaking up on animals.

WeatherFlow Wind Meter App

The WeatherFlow Wind Meter app is compatible with an iPhone, iPod and all major Android devices. It’s extremely accurate and can read the wind speed in meters per second, miles/hour, knots, kilometers/hour and the beufort scale. The app allows you to post your readings with friends and share them instantly. Fisherman will love the app since it works with other outdoor applications that they use on their phone like FishWeather.

Hunting Wind Direction App

When you purchase the app for $34.95, you will receive the small anemometer. This plugs directly into your headphone jack on your phone and is basically a small fan that takes even the most sensitive winds and reads the speed and direction.

WeatherFlow App

This app is super handy for hunting in tree stands and you can check the direction before sneaking up on a big buck.

Buy the app here on their site or on Amazon here and then download the WindMeter app on your iPhone or Android.

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