Extreme Backyard Series: WakeSkate

Extreme Backyard Series: WakeSkate

Outdoor enthusiasts come from all walks of life, but the one thing in common that we all have is that we need to be outside. We previously showed you a part of an Extreme Backyard series where an Olympic skeet shooter built a skeet shooting range in his backyard to practice and today we want to continue showing you more crazy backyards with this one from Florida. Reed Hansen is a world champion wake skater and he needed a better place to practice, so he built one right in his backyard.

Battle Falls Wake Skate Park

Reed and his dad, Andy, built a two pond wake skating park right outside their back door. The ponds fill up with a pump that pumps water into them and features concrete ramps, rails and a pulley system to pull Reed through the park at fast speeds. With this park dubbed, Battle Falls, Reed is able to practice and get a leg up on his competition by being so close to home.

What is Wake Skating?

Wake Skating is a mix of skate boarding and wake boarding. The board is more similar to a skateboard and does not have any tethers or clips to your feet. The rider rides the board like a skateboard and is pulled through the water like you would be on a wakeboard. Floridians love their water sports and with it being so hot out all the time, there’s not a better place to be.

Reed Hansen Wake Skater

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