Wags Hunting Scents

Wags Hunting Scents

Wags Hunting Scents

Wags hunting scents is a Wisconsin company that produces 100% pure whitetail deer hunting scents

Deer Hunting Scents

Every year hunters spend millions of dollars on different scents to take into the woods in the hopes of killing a big buck, but very few of these actually are what they seem. Just as in food, if you look at the “ingredients” of a deer’s urine or estrous scent and see something other than URINE OR ESTROUS, you’re probably not getting what you’re paying for. Luckily, there is a Wisconsin company that is looking out for hunters everywhere with their 100% pure deer scents. Oh yea, and they’ll also very likely lead your next trophy mount right to your tree stand. We are talking about Wags Hunting Scents and their simple, straight-forward product is definitely one to look for.

100% Pure Deer Hunting Scent

Wags Hunting Scents is a family owned and operated company based out of Central Wisconsin. They specialize in 100% pure whitetail scent, without any additives or gimmicks involved. The guys there are serious hunters themselves and use the products that they make and trust. The scents that Wags produces are as fresh as can be. They do not start bottling scents until October of that hunting year, and don’t sell any scents from the previous year. All of their scents are sold in glass bottles to keep the optimal freshness.

deer hunting scents

Cam from WhitetailCountry.com killed this big buck in early October with the help of Wags Hunting Scents

Wags Hunting Scents Appleton, WI

Wags Hunting Scents does not begin to produce the scents that they sell until the does come into full ovulation estrus. Immediately after the collection, they bottle and refrigerate the scents. The bottles are collected on a per store order and are shipped the very next day so that you know you’re getting your hunting scents literally, right from the deer. No preservatives or dilution takes place at this company, which is more than you can say about the aisles lined with “doe estrous” from January until December at the big box stores.

Wisconsin Company

There are companies out there who do things the right way, and this is one of them. If you’re looking to find some great deer scent for the rut coming up, check out Wags Hunting scents here. They sell the scents right on their website and will ship the next day. They have a limited supply though, so make sure that you order soon. Our friends over at Whitetail Country also sell Wags products and the Flying Squirrel bow mount. 

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