Camping or Backcountry Hunts Need a Weekend Experience

Vapium Weekender Edition Review

solar powered vaportizer

The Vapium Weekender Edition vaporizer is a powerful, solar powered vaporizer for life off of the grid.

Whether you’re heading out for a long weekend in the woods or a month long vacation in the mountains, sometimes having solar power is a huge benefit. For smokers, the Vapium Weekender Edition is an eco-friendly way to get your fix while charging with the sun and not having to worry about modern power.

The rugged, portable vaporizer made by Vapium is super easy to use and is very powerful. The spring solar charger that comes with can be totally charged by the sun, so even if you’re off the grid for a weekend, your vaporizer will be ready to go.

The latest, most innovative technology comes standard in the Vapium Weekender Edition. You can purchase yours on the Vapium website for $189.99 here.

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