Utah Shed Antler Finds- User Submission

Utah Shed Antler Finds

Utah Shed Antlers

Weston and Kolton Payne and their dad Brian were able to find some nice shed antlers while looking in Utah during Shed Rally 2015.

The last weekend looks like it was a good one from the young guys pictured here. Weston and Kolton Payne were lucky enough to find some nice shed antlers in their home state or Utah during #ShedRally 2015. The boys went out looking with their dad, Brian and enjoyed some awesome weather.

Utah Shed

A couple of nice Utah Shed antlers

Looks like the guys picked up a match set and a few other shed antlers and they were all great ones!

matched shed antler

These matched shed antlers were picked up by the Payne family in Utah

Congratulations and hopefully these young boys will continue getting out there and enjoying the spring.

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