Gigantic North Dakota Mule Deer Buck Shot- User Submission

North Dakota Mule Deer Buck of a Lifetime

Cole Fenzel Buck

Cole Fenzel shot this enormous mule deer buck during the North Dakota mule deer hunt with his bow. The buck had a non typical score of 206 6/8 and the net was 196 3/8.

Cole Frenzel is a fan of MorningMoss and a North Dakota bow hunter. This past season he had the experience of a lifetime when he shot an absolute gigantic mule deer buck. Read the story below as told by Cole about his 206 6/8 inch buck that netted a typical score of 196 3/8 inches.  Continue Reading

Big Washington State Whitetail Shot-User Submission

Big Washington State Whitetail Shot-User Submission

washington state buck

Joe Moodie shot this giant whitetail during the Washington state rifle hunt after chasing it all throughout the archery and muzzleloader seasons.

Joe Moodie had been chasing one buck all throughout archery and muzzleloader season, but had not managed to wrap his tag around it when the rifle season began. Unfortunately for this big buck, his days were number. With rifle in hand, Joe was finally able to catch up to this big buck that he shot with his rifle in Washington State.  Continue Reading

Linn County Iowa Monster Buck Killed – User Submission

Linn County Iowa Monster Buck Killed – User Submission

Giant Linn County Iowa Buck

This giant Linn County Iowa buck was shot by Todd Becker on November 3, 2016

Todd Becker from Linn County, Iowa killed a giant buck on November 3rd after watching the Cubs win the world series in a late night the night before. Be sure to read this incredible story he told on an incredible deer!

So this is the story of the November 3rd 2016 hunt. The Cedar River in Linn County has been flooded out all summer. So the deer are pushed out of the river bottom timber and islands on the river on our hunting ground. So we only had a few stands to hunt on the higher ground. I had only been out three times before this hunt on Wednesday. On Mondaynight we had a very nice deer hit the camera. One of my buddies went Tuesday morning and did not see Mr Big. My only chance to hunt was on Wednesday morning! Trust me it was tough getting up after that long Cubbie WS Championship! Continue Reading

Big Iola, Wisconsin Buck Shot- User Submission

Big Iola, Wisconsin Buck Shot- User Submission

Jason Knops Buck

Jason Knops shot this buck in Iola, Wisconsin on October 22, 2016.

We are starting to see some nice buck pictures and submissions come rolling in, including this one from Iola, Wisconsin. Jason Knops shot this buck on October 22 with his bow. The buck measured a 19 1/4″ wide spread and had 9 points. Nice buck Jason! Continue Reading

Monster Buck Shot in Waupaca County- User Submission

Monster Buck Shot in Waupaca County- User Submission

Gary Christian buck

Gary Christian shot this buck in Waupaca County, Wisconsin on October 21, 2016. It scored 177 5/8 inches.

Gary Christian set off on a late October hunt looking for a buck and he got to encounter two nice ones, but only one stayed in the woods. On October 21, Gary set off with his video camera and bow and was able to grunt in this monster buck. It was accompanied by a large 10 pointer as well, but Gary picked out the bigger one and took a shot. Continue Reading

Double Bass Catch-User Submission

Double Bass Catch

Reed Ramey Bass

Reed Ramey caught two bass on the same lure while fishing with his uncle.

Reed Ramey loves to fish and he got to experience a pretty lucky catch catch the other day. Reed thought he’d be reeling in one nice bass, but he got lucky and caught two big bass on the same lure with a double hook! Continue Reading

Giant Utah Elk Sheds Found-User Submission

Giant Utah Elk Shed Antlers

361 inch Utah Bull Elk

L.J. Anderson and Adam Mayers found these elk sheds to a Utah bull that scored 361 inches this spring in Cache Valley.

Finding shed antlers is always a good time, but when you can stumble upon giant elk sheds like the ones in this picture, you’re really having a great day. These massive sheds were found in Cache Valley, Utah by L.J. Anderson and Adam Mayers. They found the sheds near 3 a.m. and had no idea this bull existed when they found them.  Continue Reading