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Trophy Tape


Wildgame Innovation’s new product Trophy Tape

Its 4:30 AM,

and you beat your alarm clock to put a stop to that screeching  tone that everyone dreads in the morning. With great anticipation, you quick grab some coffee and check what mother nature is going to throw your way! It should prove to be a typical, crisp fall morning. You notice that the wind is taking charge today, showing you the direction you must take to the stand that you’ve been waiting all season to sit in.

You pack your gear and race off to the property where you pray, at the end of your morning hunt, a gift will be given to you. The crunch of frost tipped leaves contest your skill to become invisible and unknown to the wilderness around you.  As you arrive and settle into your stand, you finally take a moment to hear the woods come alive.

The symphony of chirps and sweet songs of birds stretching do not drown out the crunching of footsteps approaching from the distance, gradually getting closer and closer. Finally, you realize these footsteps are the second thing you have been waiting for all season.

You grab hold of your bow,

slowly draw back and settle your pin. With a thump and an arrow true, success! You have a buck to take home. As any hunter knows, the work starts after the shot. Tracking, field dressing, dragging and loading up your trophy are just a few of the items on the to-do list. You also know that you need to have the right tools for the job. The third thing you have been waiting for all season is bragging rights. So, after everything is said and done, how are you going to score your new trophy?

Well, Wildgame Innovations came up with an easy and reliable tool to score your game accurately. It’s called Trophy Tape. Retailing at $7.99 MSRP you can quickly and easily gross score your trophy in as little as a few minutes. The orange tape lets you score up to 3 trophies per pack with 3 adhesive rolls each starting at zero all the way up to 200 inches.

There is no longer use for the score charts and string for scoring, as well as no prior experience needed. You simply stick the tape down and tear! If you are looking for a product that is simple to use and super easy to apply in the field, this product is defiantly for you and any hunter.

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