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Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React

The Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight performs well in low light, is easy to set up and allows for various distances to shoot at.

If you are looking for a new bow sight that is easy to adjust, easy to see through and easy to shoot with, then the trophy ridge react sight is for you. With 5 auto calibrating pins that work great for a quick setup, versatile mounting points, tool less windage and elevation knobs, new fiber optic technology, and a LED rheostat light included, the Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight is made for serious bow hunters. 

One of the best things about the Trophy Ridge React bow sight is that once you have the 20 and 30 yard pins sighted in, your 40 through 60 yards pins are automatically set as well. This is done by basing the difference of your 20-30 yard pins, which does not require a tool to adjust, and then adjusts the other pins. Trophy Ridge has said that it is mathematically impossible to be off at the higher yardages if the 20 and 30 yard pins are set accurately.  With this feature, you should be able to save a lot of time sighting in your bow while still having the ability to be dead on at longer distances.

Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight Review

The sight is built out of ballistix copolymer technology and is 25% lighter than aluminum but much stronger. This will allow you to hold your bow up more steadily and for longer periods of time when that big buck is just out of range. The sight also has many different mounting points on it so that it’s very easy to adjust on any bow.

Many hunters love a one pin sight, but with 5 pins like on the Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight you have every yardage marker covered without having to adjust. The fiber optics in the sight are extremely bright and allow for fantastic pin visibility, even in low-light conditions. There is even an LED light to allow for more light when it’s dark in the woods.

Coming in at a price of $149.99 this sight is available at practically any location that sells bow equipment and comes in the colors of black or camo. The only down side of this sight is that it is only available for right handed shooters, but we’re sure that Trophy Ridge will eventually come out with one for the South Paws. Cabelas offers it for $149 on their site as well. 

What bow sights do you choose to use? What are your favorite brands?

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