Perfect App for all Outdoorsman- Trimble

Hunting and Fishing App- Trimble

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Trimble is a hunting, fishing and all-around outdoors app that you can get for free for android and iOS devices.

With smartphones becoming more and more popular over recent years, apps have become a great tool that can make life a lot easier. Lets face it, wouldn’t you like to be able to access things such as topo maps, a compass, aerial maps, and be able to track your routes on maps? If you like this kind of stuff, then Trimble Outdoors Navigator is one app you need to own! You can download the Trimble app from the Google Play store and iTunes Store here. 

Free Fishing App Allows You to Save Locations

With Trimble you can view a wide range of maps right at the tip of your fingers! With this app you can also mark things such as waypoints and your current location, which is good if you are in a new area. Another feature this app offers is the ability to track how many miles you have traveled as well as the pace you are traveling at. Although this app is free, you can purchase maps that can be used at anytime, even without Internet access or cell service. With these purchased maps you can see property borders, see who owns that land, and be able to locate forest service roads.

Access Maps for Hunting with Trimble App

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iPhone and Android phones both can use the Trimble app for hunting and fishing.

This app comes in multiple versions such as general hiking, fishing, hunting, and even contracting. For the fishing version you can view weather reports, moon phases, and even mark fishing hot spots. The hunting version allows you to mark stand locations, where you parked your vehicle, and view weather patterns/forecast. You can also upgrade to “pro” versions for a price of $4.99 and have access to more features than if you were to just download the free version. Trimble is available on both google play for Android users and the app store for Apple users.

All in all Trimble is an app I use quite a bit while I’m scouting or looking for new areas to hunt. If you like technology and the outdoors, this app is great to have and is worth the download.

Get Trimble for Android here and the iPhone app here. 

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