Tree Thrasher Game Call

Tree Thrasher

Are you looking for a unique and alternative approach for calling in deer? Tree Thrasher gives you a 3 in one call to simulate and manipulate deer activity!

Manipulate deer activity without making deer swing out of their relaxed state… Every deer call has one thing in common for attracting deer. But, the function of these calls is to either anger or warn deer that you are in the area. We have all used these calls, and in turn when they do work you have a buck or a doe that is on high alert when in range. This causes a heightened possibility of the whitetail ducking the arrow or picking you out in the stand. The Tree Thrasher has reversed that concept and taken calling in whitetails to the next level. Weighing in at less than 5 oz., this 3 in 1 system allows you to attract mature bucks and does without creating an environment where they are on edge. Sound natural and relaxed with the Tree Thrasher. Lets break these calls down. 

Leaves Crunching

During the fall, what is the best way to pinpoint deer? We listen for those dried up leaves crunching underneath the hooves of that mature whitetail. The middle section of this call simulates just that. We are not the only animals that listen for this. Whitetail are social animals and are always listening for nearby crashing/walking. To achieve this call, all it takes is a pull, twist, an smash to achieve this sound.

Twigs Breaking

Twigs and other foliage breaking are another key aspect in deer activity. What do all bucks do? They make scrapes and they rub trees to show dominance and let other deer know that they are in the area. The clip on the side of this call snaps to not only manipulate a twig break but to help simulate a buck making a scrape. When you put both the leaves crunching and twig breaking sounds together you will achieve just that! A quick and easy way to attract deer into your shooting lane.

Antlers in a Tree

The realism of creating this scrape sequence would not be complete without adding one more call into the mix. The call incorporates leaves crunching and twigs breaking, but it is lacking one thing. Antlers. The three prongs protruding from the call serves as tines to complete every aspect of the call and its possible calling sequence. Just scrape up the bark on the tree you are sitting in and you will see results! Spark curiosity and imitate the wild with just one call!

Owner and designer Todd Pringnitz talks about how he uses the call:

“The typical response from deer is 10 minutes after calling. A couple branch breaks to get their attention, a bit of leaf noise, then stop. Follow up with a grunt 30 seconds later, and let it go. It’ll make your spot their next destination but they usually don’t come barging in which is good.”


See below for The Tree Thrasher video!


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