Top Firearm Blogs to Follow

Top Firearm Blogs to Follow


In today’s discordant political climate, few problems are as antagonistic as those relating to 2nd Amendment Rights. Intricate legislation and state-specific legal differences make the topic of gun possession a hot theme for people on both ends of the stick.


As a place devoted to the principle that every loyalist has a God-given right to defend their country, family and oneself with firearms, we also have faith in that without access to ammunition, there would be no reason to have guns. Hence, our mission is to sell high-quality ammunition at affordable prices and is our priority.


Whether if you are a member of the law enforcement sector, a recreational or competitive shooter, it is pretty important to stay in the know about guns, gear, laws, and training. One of the best ways to do that is by frequently visiting relevant blogs and sites. We’ve put together a quick list of gun sites and profile here.


  1. Peak Firearms


Peak Firearms aims to be the most reliable and useful online gun resource guide that you will turn to when you are looking for firearms information. Back then, Peak Firearms is a licensed firearm dealer based in Tooele, Utah. We are highly dedicated towards serving our client base with the best possible firearm product and service. After the coronavirus incident, it became a burden for many of us to continue selling firearm products as in-store sales declined swiftly.


As we are still super dedicated towards contributing to the firearms industry, we partnered with similar trustworthy firearm retailers such as Brownells, Optic Planets, etc. We currently sell all our firearms via our partners’ distribution channel, mainly through their official websites.


  1. Outdoor Life


Outdoor Life is another great firearms blog website that talks a lot about firearms and its parts. Although they focus more on outdoor related subjects, they provide quite an extensive yet easy to understand blog pieces on a wide range of firearms. Find reviews on anything firearms related ranging from the Ruger 12/22 to AR-15s. You can even find reviews of related accessories and parts of your favorite rifles and pistols here.


  1. The Firearm Blog


The Firearm Blog has been keeping its followers and readers updated on the latest firearm, hunting, military, and defense news for more than a decade. They are usually and oftentimes the first English language publication to break news related to consumer firearms and military small arms. Their dedicated team of staff writers share a great love for firearms and come from assorted backgrounds. The Firearms Blog is legitimately a global operation with writers across every continent.


Whether you are into AR-15s, AK carbines, skeet shotguns, self-defense pistols, or hunting rifles, as long as you share your passion for firearms and if you are attentive to knowing what is going on with your favorite firearm companies, then The Firearm Blog is one of your authoritative news source for firearms.


Since The Firearm Blog is dedicated to only presenting news related to firearms and because they sincerely want their site to appeal to a worldwide audience, they will be focusing on firearms and shooting rather than any country-specific politics.


  1. Jerking The Trigger


This firearms site covers strictly gear reviews. Any news of the latest and greatest firearms gears, you can come straight here and look for a diversified yet informative reviews of some of the best gears you can possibly look for. If you are looking for the latest tactical parts and gears in the “tactical” world, you will most likely see it here first.


They firmly believe that there are still real American firearms innovators and entrepreneurs out there who are just waiting to be revealed. That is why one of the focuses of Jerking the Trigger is to connect its followers and readers with the small businesses and craftsmen who are making the firearm parts that revolutionize the market place. Jerking the Trigger mentioned that it can help you get to know the gear and the gear maker, because (according to them) if you can trust the maker, you can trust the gear.




We hope that this piece is informative enough for you to know where to go when you have questions about firearms online. There are a lot of firearm blogs that are readily available, just that you have to look for them yourself.

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