My Top 5 Bucks on Trail Cameras

Top 5 Favorite Trail Camera Bucks


Trail cameras have become a huge part of hunting and always seem to be growing in popularity every year. Today I want to show my top 5 favorite bucks I have captured on cameras. Check out these great deer and why I have come to love them.

Big Bucks on Trail Camera

This buck is special to me because I captured it on the very first camera I bought myself, I still use it to this day,  and it was the very first time this camera was put out in the woods. The beautiful farm with small splits off the G2’s and a nice 6-7 inch drop tine off his right side really excited me. I only got a couple other pictures of this buck but it was sure nice just to know he was around and wait for in my tree stand.

Whitetail Buck*

I have three years worth of pictures of this deer and he was never anything but a freakishly wide 8 point. I tried to pin this buck’s bedding area down for many years but was never able to do so. Sometimes the great ones get away.

Whitetail Buck*

Of course this buck is my all-time favorite. He has a double main beam, which makes him truly special. I had a ton of history with this buck including two sheds, pictures spanning over many years, and even a sighting of him. I wish I could have put him on the ground but sometimes the best ones get away.


This buck is special to me due to the many photos and encounters that I had with this deer, mostly when he was younger. I have more pictures of this buck than any other buck and in multiple locations. I was never able to find a shed from this deer, or spot him while hunting. I believe that he became very nocturnal and smart in his old age and only moved at night.

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of this pictures and we would love to see some of yours! Submit your favorite trail camera pic to us and we’ll post it.

I also wanted to include a bonus photo for you deer junkies to enjoy!



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