Tips to Prepare for Bow Season

Deer Bow Season Preparations

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Follow these tips to prepare for deer archery season

Archery season is upon us and like many of you, I’m just itching at the chance to get out and sit in a tree instead of the office that has consumed me for the past 9 months. There is nothing like pulling up that bow for the first time all year, even if it’s hot and sticky and you’re likely not going to see a big buck it can still provide great memories. Opening day of archery season is in fact one of the best days to tag that bruiser that you’ve been watching all summer, just as long as you’ve come prepared and ready to rock and roll.

Shooting Lanes Cleared

Did you get off of your butt all summer and clear those shooting lanes from your stands? If you didn’t you better do it now because plants and trees grow and they have surely gotten out of hand in your area.

Equipment Check

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Deer bow season equipment checks are important

I’m sure you’ve shot your bow, but did you check to make sure that your broadheads are in good shape? Is your release up to par? Is your camo washed and not damp or moldy from sitting in the basement all year? This may seem like common sense, but believe me, it happens to the best of us.

Get in Shape

If you’re going on a Western hunt that requires endurance, I hope that you’ve prepared because you are going to need to. Even if you are white tail hunting 100 yards from your truck, dragging deer gets your heart rate up and if you’re planning on shooting a big buck, you better be ready to take care of it.

This season, don’t overlook the obvious and make sure that you are ready for when your next trophy buck comes walking through your shooting lanes (that are cleared now, right?)

PJ Cashman

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