Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat Review

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat Review

If you purchase the Thrive hat from Tinlid Hat Co. they will plant a tree in a National Forest.

Wearing a cool hat is great, but when you can give back to the environment by doing so, that makes it even better. Tinlid Hat Co. makes cool hats that not only look good, but each style supports a different non-profit group that helps improve our communities. The Thrive Hat from Tinlid Hat Co. helps support our National Forests, so we were pumped when we got the chance to check one out.

Tinlid Hat Co. Thrive Hat Review

Thrive Hat review

With a leather strap to keep your pencil this hat is as unique as they come.

The Tinlid Hat Co. Thrive hat is solid green and features a leather patch on the front that has a single pine tree on it. The hat looks good and is built out of some quality materials so you know it’s not going to break down fast. The best part about this hat is that every time someone purchases it through Tinlid Hat Co. a tree is planted through the National Forest Foundation. Awesome right?

Thrive Hat from Tinlid Hat Co.

Tinlid Hat Review

Check out the Thrive Hat from Tinlid Hat Co and help support the National Forest Foundation.

On the back of the hat is a nice leather buckle strap that will keep it firmly in place on your head. Uniqueness is important though as well and Tinlid Hat Co. has you covered here. There is a side strap that is designed to hold your pencil, pen and anything else that you’d normally tuck behind your ear.

Tinlid Thrive Hat

A well-built hat with a tree donation completely justifies the $25 price tag.

Thrive Hat

You can get your own Thrive Hat from Tinlid Hat Co. on the Tinlid website. Check out their other hats as well and the causes that they support.

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