Time To Get In Shape For Hunting Season

Get in Shape for Hunting Season

Your stands and blinds are set, all your gear is ready, the food plots are in, what could you possibly

Get in Hunting Shape

Getting in shape for hunting season is important for success

need to do to get ready for hunting season still? That question is easy and it’s one that is constantly overlooked by many, getting into hunting shape. While many people assume that hunters and outdoorsman are injured by weapons, it’s actually health related instances, such as heart attacks that claim lives. Staying in shape to drag out will not only make your job easier, but it could save your life.

Start Running (or Walking)

Some sort of cardio is necessary for any type of hunting. Whether you’re slogging through a marsh or walking in the big woods, you’re going to need your legs to get anywhere. You can’t just thrown 30-50 pounds on your back in mid-October and start walking while expecting it to be easy. Start running or walking a few miles each day and add some sort of weight to your regimen like a back pack. This will make it much easier when the leaves change.

Weight Resistance

Hunting workout

Do full body workouts to get in shape for hunting season

You don’t need to bulk up like Hulk Hogan, but doing some weight resistance will get you stronger when it comes time to lift that deer, elk or bear out of the woods. Climbing treestands and walking through harsh environments is tough on your entire body and weight lifting can help prepare you for that. Try starting off with some pushups and light squats, then you can morph into a full body workout at home or your local gym.

Practice Shooting

Who ever said working out can’t be fun? Shooting a bow can provide plenty of exercise and once you shoot 50-100 times, your arms will be feeling it. Putting together a running/walking circuit with shotguns or bows can help simulate a tired body in the field as well, which will make you a better hunter come crunch time.

PJ Cashman

PJ is the co-founder of MorningMoss.com and is an avid hunter and lover of all things outdoors.

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