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Tide Apparel

Tide Apparel Hat

The Tide Apparel Respect Snapback would be a great Christmas gift for the young angler on your list who still wants to rock some street wear.

Hunting and fishing gear and clothing is plentiful, but sometimes, many of us would like some clothes that we can not only wear out on the boat, but on the beach and for a night out. Tide Apparel, out of Australia has us covered in times like these. These guys make clothing that not only look good, but are fashionable for street wear. Check out their website here and more clothing like the snapback above below.

Cool Fishing Clothes

Tide Apparel Snapback

The Respect Snapback retails for $40

The Respect Snapback hat here is just one example of one of the hats that Tide Apparel offers. This hat retails for $40 and is the perfect snapback for the young angler on your Christmas list that loves to fish, but is still fashionable. You can buy that hat here. 

Cool Fishing Shirt

Tide Apparel Shirt

The Holiday Button Up from Tide Apparel is a stylish fishing shirt ready for the holidays.

Spending some time down in Florida or down south for the holidays? Then you need the Holiday Button Up from Tide Apparel. This shirt is stylish and very cool. You also went sweat your ass off when you’re wearing it. Rock this with the Respect Snapback and you’re going to be the most stylish dude on the dock this holiday season. Buy the shirt here. 

Fishing Clothes that Look Cool

Cool Fishing shirt

The Tide Apparel line of clothing has cool fishing clothing for serious anglers.

Tide Apparel takes some sick photos on their Instagram Account. 

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