Must-Have Items for a Multi-Day Hunting Trip

Must-Have Items for a Multi-Day Hunting Trip

Must-Have Items for a Multi-Day Hunting Trip

These are the biggest Must-Have Items for a Multi-Day Hunting Trip

In a multi-day hunting expedition, there are things you ought to have and things you can do without. For purposes of mobility, you need to whittle down your list of must-haves. Excess weight will bog you down. Read on to know the essential things you must carry with you in every hunting trip that will require you to spend more than a day in the backcountry:

Versatile Back Pack

Carrying a backpack for a multi-day hunting trip is a no-brainer. And the ideal backpack is a versatile one- meaning, it can do lots of things. For instance, it should pack up to fourteen days’ worth of food and gear. It should also accommodate game and cape as well as antlers and horns on the out.

The pack needs to be durable. Frame packs are popular for their unrivaled durability and stability even under heavy loads.

Internal frame packs are ideal for carrying gear in but aren’t so great for carrying the game out. That is why it is advisable to opt for an external frame pack featuring removable but roomy pockets. Once you quarter your quarry and hang it on a pole, you’ll only need to remove the pins holding the pack from its frame and strap on the quarters for the haul out.


The importance of quality boots in a hunting expedition cannot be overstated. A single blister occasioned by poor quality boots is enough to ruin the hunting trip. Therefore, there aren’t many options for you other than to just go for quality boots that can withstand the rocks piles and sharp shale you are bound to encounter in a backcountry hunting trip.

While high quality boots are pretty expensive, they save you from lots of harm and many inconveniences. Also, high quality boots are durable, meaning that you don’t need to buy boots each time you have a multi-day hunting expedition in the offing.

Rain Gear

Your needs for rain gear will differ depending on the place you are hunting. A place that has the potential to experience a deluge for days on end will need you to use rubberized or PVC type rain gear.

Well, you can do with breathable rain gear as it is light and works super if you can dry it out frequently; however, the breathable rain gear, just like any fabric out there, is not waterproof. Therefore, in places where the rain continues to pound the earth endlessly for days, the fabric will soon become saturated and it won’t be much of a help to you.

Glassing Optics

Solid glassing optics is a must-have, especially in high-country hunting. They’ll help you to determine if a potential prey is worth chasing from five miles away. Well, it is expensive to acquire good glass, but considering the importance of the item, it is worth everything you spend on it. In addition to glass optics, we’ll also remind you to use a high-quality watch to help you keep track of daylight, direction, and other information.


It is unheard of to embark on mountain backpack hunting without a good riflescope. Well, you can make do with a bow, but a good riflescope is more effective. The best rifle for that purpose is the Leopold VXII scope featuring the CDS turret. Its strong points include lots of magnification, lightness, and custom turret. What is more? It is tough and easy to use.

Hunting Knife

This should be straightforward. You need a lightweight, affordable and razor-sharp knife with easily replaceable blades that can easily skin moose, sheep, brown bears, elks, and just about anything you may bring down in a backcountry hunting expedition.

Because it is easy to lose your knife out in the wild, it is recommended that you get a knife with an orange handle for visibility. Many hunters often complain of losing a knife in the thickets.

A First Aid Kit

It is important to be prepared for every contingency in the backcountry. You never know what might happen. It is fraught with danger. Therefore, before you venture out, arm yourself with a first aid kit that should include a hand sanitizer, bandages of different sizes, chap stick, medication for pain, cold and digestion, a Para-cord, duct tape, water treatment drops, extra lighter, mole skin, as well as an extra buckle. You can carry more, but these items will have you covered.


You might need a stove for cooking in a multi-day hunting trip. There are lots of good options out there- go for a portable one. There are definitely other, lower maintenance options: you could use a portable power source. You could also just bring an all purpose pot and cook using a tri-pod.


With the listed items, you are covered. You can add more items according to your needs, but don’t forget to pack the ones outlined above. Be sure to check out some of the best hunting gear out there on our review section.

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