Thermacell Product Review

New Thermacell Products

Effective, scent free, easy to use.

These are the three ideas every outdoorsman wants to hear in their equipment. Thermacell has come out with the new Radius Zone and MR450 Portable! These new Thermacell products complement the outdoorsman with just a push of a button.

Radius Zone

The Radius zone is a huge advancement in bug repellent technology. With just a push of a button you will become bug free! Being the first of its kind as an all battery powered product, the Radius Zone features a compact and slick design that creates 40 hours of protection. Stop dealing with messy and sticky sprays and check out what Thermacell has to offer!

The Radius Zones specifications are as follows:

  • Push-button simplicity. Turn it on…Mosquitoes Gone!
  • This product is temporarily unavailable in California
  • No messy sprays or lotions. Scent-free and DEET-Free.
  • Air travel friendly and consistent operation at any elevation
  • Rechargeable – 6+ hours of operation per charge, and can operate while charging
  • Includes automatic off timer mode
  • Lasts up to 40 hours of operation on a single refill (40 hr refill sold separately)
  • Compact and powerful. Protects a 110 square foot area
  • Package contains: 1 rechargeable Radius Repeller, 1 12-hour refill, and 1 USB battery charger

Click Here for Radius Zone

MR450 Portable Mosquito Repeller  

The MR450 features an armored casing that helps protect itself in the most extreme weather conditions. The MR450 is built to last and handle any amount of Mosquitos that come your way. With a scent-free and deet free formula the MR450 tackles a radius of 15 ft, perfect for any outdoorsman. The MR450 features ZoneCheck technology which allows you to see a visual indicator (blue light) when the scent zone is created. Further, upgrades to the switches and ignition buttons allows for a positive connection and an 80% drop in noise upon ignition.

The MR450 specifications are as follows:

  • Added features include: Rubber armored, ZoneCheck, Belt clip, Quiet ignition, Reengineered grill and switch, Improved ergonomics, and Accessory mounting system
  • ZoneCheck provides a visual indication when zone of protection is created
  • Ideal for repelling mosquitoes from the backyard to the great outdoors
  • Portable and lightweight
  • No spray and no mess. Scent-free and DEET-free.
  • No open flame, no smoky candles
  • Package contains: 1 MR450 Repeller, 1 belt clip, 1 CR2032 battery, and 12 hours of refills – 3 repellent mats and 1 fuel cartridge

Click Here for MR450


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