Thermacell Heated Insole Review

Thermacell Heated Insole Review

With Christmas right around the corner and the cold weather here across much of the Northern states and the Midwest, people are thinking of the best gifts for hunters to stay warm. For me, when it gets below 50 degrees, my feet start to freeze and I’ve always used disposable toe warmers, but have been wanting a pair of heated insoles. The Thermacell Heated Insoles have been popular among hunters, outdoorsman and anyone that likes warm feet for up to five hours. While these insoles may not be great for miles and miles of hiking, they are perfect for a bow or waterfowl hunter who is out for a few hours in the morning or evening and can recharge them at home or in their truck.

Thermacell Heated Insole Review

Thermacell Heated Insoles make the perfect gift for your hunter this holiday season

The Thermacell Heated Insole reviews that I’ve come across have been very solid with many people saying that the product works as expected, but is a tad on high end as far as pricing ($129.99 at The batteries are rechargeable and last for up to five hours. There are two settings for different heat on the insoles as well and you can turn them off, so you won’t waste batteries walking to your stand or location. As I said before, they are rechargeable so there is no messing with buying batteries like the dated powered socks back in the day that some of you may remember.

Christmas Gift For Hunters

No matter what type of hunting you do the Thermacell Heated Insole reviews are great and can benefit your feet. They are perfect for winter chores such as shoveling the driveway and chopping wood too! You can buy the Thermacell Heated Insole here or find them at your local sporting goods store this Christmas for the hunter you’re shopping for this Holiday season.

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