Sick of Disposable Hand Warmers? No Need For Them Anymore

ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmer Review

ThermaCELL hand warmer Review

Never go buy disposable hand warmers again with the new ThermaCELL heated hand warmers

How many times a year do you have to buy disposable hand warmers? Or forget that you’re out and go without them on a sub zero bow hunt? ThermaCELL is making sure that this doesn’t happen again with their new heat packs. The ThermaCELL heat pack hand warmers are rechargeable hand warmers that that use a lithium ion battery that is also found in the ThermaCELL heated insoles to keep your hands toasty on the coldest mornings.

ThermaCELL Rechargeable Hand Warmers

rechargeable hand warmers

These rechargeable hand warmers from ThermaCELL heat up to 116 degrees.

This morning I hunted and it was 28 degrees out and I thought that it was the perfect morning to give the new ThermaCELL hand warmers  try. I charged them last night, but they only take about four hours to fully charge. There are low, medium and high settings that go up to 116 degrees and my hands were in the muff of my Sitka Fanatic jacket and were very warm all morning.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer Review

There is a small button on each warmer that you push to change the setting and to turn them on and off. ThermaCELL says that you’ll get up to 500 charges out of the hand warmers, so you’re guaranteed to save some money over the disposable warmers.

ThermaCELL Hand Warmers Review

At a great price of $79.99, these hand warmers are a great deal for hunters, outdoorsman or people who just want to keep their hands warm on a cold day. You can buy them on the ThermaCELL website or on Amazon here. Don’t forget to check out our ThermaCELL heated foot warmers review too.

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