The Ultimate Survival Kit You Need For an Apocalypse

Deciding what to include in your survival kit can be daunting. This is because you cannot just include every critical item that you come across with. Otherwise you will also be burdened with an overloaded backpack which will make it difficult for you to stay mobile for hours. Therefore, one has to weigh the importance of each item that will be included in the survival kit. 


Fortunately, we have listed the most critical items that must be included in your ultimate survival kit for an apocalypse. 

Cutting Tool

When you’re out in the field trying to survive the apocalypse, you may need a cutting tool that can also serve many purposes. Do not forget to bring a field knife  or a bushcraft knife which can help you do many things out in the wild. If you’re still looking to buy one, opt for the one that has a textured grip so it does not easily slip when times get too tensed. This knife can help you cut wood to build a shelter or slice your dinner. When you need to cook, you will also need this knife for splitting wood and when fire making. In fact, there are plenty of ways when your field knife will prove to be helpful during survival times.

Water Bottle

When you’re in the midst of wilderness, fresh water can be difficult to find. So, you will need to look for lakes, rivers and any other bodies of water. This is when you need to have a water bottle that is capable of purifying what you are about to drink. This way, you can quench your thirst without putting your health in danger of getting sick from fungi, bacteria, viruses and any other disease-causing microorganisms that could be present in the water that you will be drinking. 


Do not just opt for any other flashlight. It has to be waterproof and durable. Chances are high that at times of an apocalypse power can go out for several days or weeks. So, be sure to pack in your survival kit a flashlight that can be solar-charged. If you have your family with you, make sure everyone has his own flashlight. Pack several batteries so you will have enough backup when solar energy is hard to obtain. 

Fire Starter

A fire starter is one of the most important things that must be in your survival kit. You need a fire starter when creating a bonfire to help you get through the very cold weather. You also need it when cooking your meals or when you need to fight off predators in the wilderness. Do not just rely on one fire starter. You have to bring with you a lighter, some matches and a striker. 

First Aid Kit

You will never know when you can get injured. However, it is hard to get injured during difficult times and even more so if you do not have a first aid kit handy. Opt for the one that has a waterproof container to keep your meds and everything in it intact even during  heavy rains. 

During very difficult situations, you will have higher chances of surviving if you have these critical items in your survival kit. This may not be the exhaustive list but know that missing one or two items from this list can largely impact your chances of survival. 


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