“The Dragon Fly” A Unique Fly Fishing Fly

“The Dragon Fly” A Unique Fly Fishing Fly

Dragon Fly fly tie

Learn how to tie and where to buy a dragon fly fly fishing tie with this article from Travis Schuh.

I first developed this fly last winter. The idea came to me after watching numerous dragon flies landing in the water during the bluegill spawn. Fish seem aggressively drawn to the dragon fly, so I figured that creating a replica would be an easy way to fill my livewell. The components of this fly are actually quite simple, and with some patience and careful knots, you can achieve a near-perfect match to the real bug.

How to Tie a Dragon Fly Tie

How to Tie a Dragon fly tie

Having a dragon fly tie in your spring fishing arsenal is a sure way to fill up your bucket full of spawning blue gills.

I begin this fly by using a size 8 Octopus hook (Gamakatsu makes a nice variety). I prefer to use a red hook. I begin by tying the knot near the eye, and wrapping a base of black string down to the bend of the hook.

Learn How to Tie a Dragon Fly Tie

Dragon Fly fly fishing tie

The dragon fly tie is a complex but effective tie that is not only beautiful but very good at catching fish.

Next, I trim off the loose barbs of the peacock feather. I recommend using 3 barbs, but you can add more to achieve the look of a larger dragon fly. Make sure that you cut the length even, so that all three barbs are identical.

Dragon Fly Fly Fishing Tie

After trimming the barbs, I place them on the top of the hook. I tie a knot near the bend of the hook to secure the barbs in place. Tie a new knot every 1/8 of an inch as you work your way back up to the eye of the hook. These knots will help to secure the barbs firmly to the hook.

When you are about ½ inch from the eye of the hook, you will need to tie in the wings. You will need to trim off two pieces of Swiss Straw. The length should be approximately 4 inches for each piece. Twist the center of each piece, creating a small area that is not fanned out. Place this area on the top of the hook. Once both twisted centers are on the top of the hook, begin wrapping your thread around them in a crisscross fashion. As you crisscross and weave between the wings, you will be securing the wings tightly in place.

Once finished securing the wings, continue tying the knots that hold the peacock feather barbs to the hook. Finish by tying a secure knot just behind the eye of the hook.

Get the Realistic Look

The last step is to apply the clear nail polish. I add one dab to the final knot by the eye of the hook, where the string was cut. I also add a very light dot to the tail of the dragon fly, to help hold the three barbs together.

This fly is exceptionally realistic. The peacock feather barbs appear fuzzy and insect-like, which helps to entice the fish. The Swiss Straw wings help the fly to float well. This is by far one of my favorite dry flies to throw on the water for bluegills and even trout.

Where to Buy Dragon Fly Fly Fishing Ties

If you’re interested in purchasing this fly, please email: schuhflies@yahoo.com where you can receive your custom Dragon Fly Fly Fishing Tie. 

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