The Best Time to Hunt for Coyotes: Things You Should Know

The Best Time to Hunt for Coyotes: Things You Should Know

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When I was young, I was highly fascinated with coyotes. It may be because some of the cartoon characters that I was exposed to. I have learned at an early age that they are very clever. This animal is depicted as “bad” most of the time. I still find them extremely interesting. When I started hunting, I knew that I would love to catch a coyote.

I later realized that doing this is not going to be easy. Most people say that if you catch a coyote, this means that you are very dedicated. There are some areas where they are commonly spotted:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Central America

Take note that they can mostly be seen in the country side. Some of them are starting to go near the city probably because they can get food from human beings.

Things to Consider When Hunting Coyotes

There are some variables that are vital that can help you search for coyotes properly. Some of these variables are the following:

  • Location: The places where coyotes are normally seen have been mentioned earlier. They will usually live with other animals that they can eat. You are most likely to see them in some marshes and swampy areas. If you are going to hunt for them in America, you may find them in Nebraska, Nevada, and Kansas.
  • Time of the Year: They can be hunted throughout the year. If you want to get the best results though, you may want to look for them during the fall to winter season. When winter becomes longer, coyotes will normally look for food. You also have a higher chance of getting coyotes this time because they would go in groups.
  • Time of the Day: If you are a night hunter, then you will have a lot of fun hunting for coyotes at night. They normally search for food in the night time. The chances that you will catch them at this time will be far greater as compared to in the morning. Take note that they will have more activity during daylight hours when winter is going nearer.
  • Weather: The weather will still play a huge role on how successful you would be at hunting coyotes. The perfect weather to do coyote hunting is when the day is overcast. If there is a slight fog or haze, then this will be truly perfect for your needs. There are instances when people can still catch them on clear days though. It will depend on the time of the year when you are doing the hunt.

Hunting for Coyotes

It will always be more ideal to hunt for coyotes when you have the right items with you. Since you are going to hunt at night, having night vision goggles and other night vision equipment will help. For example, a thermal weapon sight will always be appreciated at this time. It will also be more ideal if you know some night hunting skills. Some things to remember are the following:

  • Keep yourself camouflaged because coyotes are very smart.
  • You may need to use some items that will help mask your smell. Coyotes have a keen sense of smell.
  • Always try your best to walk lightly.

There are also some apps that you can use that will help you track the best time to hunt for coyotes. The great thing about hunting apps is they can also provide details on other animals.

Will Temperature Matter?

The temperature at the time when you are hunting for coyotes will always make a difference. Coyotes will normally move around better during cooler weather. Also, since they would be going in packs when the temperature is cooler, you have a better chance of catching a coyote. A lot of experts would agree that you can hunt when the temperature is between 20 to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. Once again, some people say that they were able to hunt for coyotes regardless of the temperature.

With all of these things in mind, you will hopefully find the right time to hunt for coyotes.

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