The Benefits of Eating Venison Vs. Beef (Awesome Infographic)

Benefits of Venison Vs. Beef

Venison Vs. Beef

Check out this great info graphic about the health benefits of eating venison vs. eating beef

First off, I want to say that i love beef. It is delicious. I eat it often and can not imagine not eating another steak or hamburger, it’s preposterous. However, I do understand that eating too much of it can be harmful to your health and I tend to eat a lot of venison. Venison is great. It tastes awesome to me and I love to cook it. It’s always a rewarding experience to eat what you kill and have the truest form of “organic meat” in my opinion. Check out this awesome info graphic created by Marin Lisica of Good Game Hunting to learn more about the benefits of eating venison vs. beef. 

Why Venison is Healthier than Beef

Benefits of Venison vs. beef

There are many health benefits of eating venison over beef as you can see in this graphic created by Marin Lisica of Good Game

As you can see from this graphic, venison has some serious health benefits over beef. It really is an organic meat since (hypothetically) it doesn’t have anything added to it like some farm-raised animals. While most of us hunt deer that do eat crops that have been altered and fertilized or sprayed, I still think that wild game is some of the best meat you can eat.

Is Venison Good for You?

A healthy mind and body is important to me. Eating lean venison not only tastes great but fills me with good memories of the hunt, which is something that I love. While we here at MorningMoss recognize that not everyone likes the taste of venison and that’s why they eat beef (which is totally ok!) there are some benefits of the wild game meat over  farm raised beef cattle.

Venison Meat Vs. Beef

Hopefully this will at least stir up some conversation and show people who may not have tried this great tasting game animal that it’s worth a shot. It’s certainly given me plenty of meals and from what I can tell so far, a healthy body to live off of and hunt another day.

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