The All Glass Jig

Tiger Eye Glass Jigs

From the designer himself,

“Tigereye lures can be best described as unique and innovative for their versatility and one-of-a-kind design. These jigs can be used in a variety of ways; with their lightweight design, they can be used for lindy rigging, vertical jigging, ice fishing, slip bobber fishing…they are even light enough for fly fishing.

One of the most effective methods is the slip bobber, for its accuracy! Slip bobber fishing is my favorite way to fish, “you get right on top of them”. This bait will flow naturally unlike conventional lead. They have a natural baitfish presentation, which comes in handy to match forage or to try to imitate forage. Tigereye lures can be tipped with just about anything: minnows, waxies, crawlers, plastic jig bodies, feathers etc.

One of the finest properties these jigs have is that they are all hand made in the USA! Each jig is designed to illuminate, magnify, and act like natural forage. Glow is a big factor in ice fishing and night fishing, which happens to be one of my favorite times to ice fish. The jigs can be charged in a number of ways; LED lights, UV lights, sunlight, and power flashes are the most effective. Shallow, deep, clean or dirty, Tigereye offers a variety of colors and sizes for any species or water conditions; they will attract bites on the most aggressive or finicky fish. Certain colors are more promising on some lakes than others.


Eco-friendly fishing products are important to protect our local waters and wildlife, so I am proud to say Tigereye lures are lead free and have been that way since the beginning. I started this project with my father, who is an artist (Douglas Becker, of Becker Art Glass), in hopes to simply catch more fish! When I saw the credibility of the jigs and their unbelievable results, I quit my job at 23 and started full time jig making. I am 39 now and the product is showing more interest than ever before. Born in Roseau Minnesota, I was a native to Lake of the Woods and spent a lot of my time fishing with family on the big lake. I specifically designed these jigs for walleye on Red Lake and Lake of the Woods, but as interest grew, I knew I needed to expand and make smaller products for panfish and trout!

Everybody knows handmade products are the best quality products, so when you purchase Tigereye lures, you are purchasing local products made right. Each piece of tackle is made with a patented and specially formulated process. A lot of time and effort goes into production, almost like an art. Hands down, Tigereye lures will enhance your fishing catch and open your mind to a new way of fishing!

Damion Becker, Tigereye Lures”


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