The 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Hunting Gear



You’re only as good as your tools. If you are a hunter, then you will only be successful when you have the right gear. The wrong gear, or using your gear inappropriately is a recipe for a poor outing. It doesn’t matter how good you are at tracking and shooting if you aren’t set up properly.


This means that there are some outfitting mistakes that have to be avoided so you can be properly prepared for the hunt. Before you head out looking for hunting deals then you should be aware of those mistakes so you can avoid them. In this article, we will go over several of those mistakes to be aware of.


1 – Not layering up


Being able to respond to the environment that you’re in is very important when you are doing activities outdoors like hunting. This is why layering up is essential to your comfort and ability to stay out for longer. If you get wet or cold then your hunting trip is going to be cut short.


Layering up is the best way to be able to remain flexible while staying warm and dry. The key is to start with a base layer that is against your skin that is able to wick moisture away from your body. When you’re active your body perspiration will get trapped by thick clothing against your skin so a thin layer made out of material that allows this moisture to pass through is ideal.


The middle layer should be seen as the insulation. It is what is going to keep you warm since it will retain your body heat and reflect it back to you.


The outer layer is what will protect you from the elements like wind, water, and cold air.


This allows you to be flexible by removing layers if it warms up when the sun comes out or adding a layer if it starts to rain.


2 – You don’t pay attention to ratings


The next thing after layering up is to understand the material of the layers. Each article will have a rating according to what it’s limits are. It’s important to understand the capabilities are for the conditions that you’ll find yourself in.


For instance, if your outer layer is rated against light rain and can only withstand about an hour of exposure to it before it gets soaked through then this is not going to be good if you find yourself in a heavy and steady rainfall.


Before buying your layers, make sure to take a look at the ratings for each as far as its ability to resist the cold, wind, and water.


3 – Have accessories


Hats, gloves, and masks are all accessories that need to be considered based on what you expect as far as conditions go out on the hunt. You should also be prepared for the unexpected so having these accessories on hand when needed will be very important. Just make sure that you pay attention to the type of conditions they are designed for.

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