The 3 Essentials To Keep You Safe On The Water

The 3 Essentials To Keep You Safe On The Water


There is no way to fish that’s more effective than being on a boat or kayak. You are able to access areas where there is a higher concentration of fish and are more likely to catch your limit. Fishing from a pier can be fun, but you are limited to the fish that are right there with no way to move to where the fish are.


If you can manage to get a good fishing kayak or are looking for used boats near me for fishing then you need to first think about safety. Even if you plan to stick close to shore you need to prepare yourself for emergencies and not take your safety for granted. Your safety plan shouldn’t be just not falling in. In this article, we will go over several ways to stay safe on the water.


1 – Always wear a life vest


It is very common for people to not wear a vest and think that they will just put one on in case of emergency. This may not be possible to do since an emergency can happen quickly with no time to react. It is much better to always wear your protective gear so you don’t have to scramble to put it on.


Many fishermen don’t want to wear a vest because they feel it gets in the way. There are many models on the market that are designed specifically for fishing. In fact, they are great for fishermen since you have extra pockets for gear and tools this way.


Make sure to wear it at all times and to wear it properly. It should be snug so it doesn’t slip off of you in the water.


2 – Check the conditions


Before you head out on the water it is essential to know the conditions that you’ll be facing. Not only for the moment when you launch but also for the duration of the trip. Check the NOAA reports for your area. If there is a small craft advisory then it is best to stay on land that day.


Conditions can change very quickly and winds can pick up in an instant. Make sure to know what you may be facing. It may require a simple change of plans and not necessarily a canceled trip. For instance, if winds are blowing from the east, then you may want to find a bay where you would be protected from the winds.


3 – Have a marine radio


Don’t rely on your cell phone when you are out on the water. Receptions may not exist and you will not have any way to call in an emergency. A marine radio will give you the ability to communicate with the authorities and other boaters in the area in case of an emergency.


You can keep your radio tuned to the Coast Guard channel which will send emergency weather alerts for your area. This will allow you to know if there is some rough weather or high waves coming so you can prepare for it.

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