September Beauty: Taking Advantage of Wisconsin’s Closing Trout Fishing Weekend

Taking Advantage of Wisconsin’s Closing Trout Fishing Weekend

Autumn Trout Stream

There is nothing more beautiful than an autumn trout stream in Wisconsin on closing weekend.

An angler never has to make an excuse to head out to the pristine waters of the trout stream, but if needed, the majestic colors and the feel of the fresh fall breeze would certainly suffice. I had the pleasure of doing just that during this past weekend. As I walked through the woods, in utter awe of the burning ruby leaves around me, I couldn’t help but remember why I am always drawn to the stream during Wisconsin’s closing weekend.

Autumn Trout Stream Colors

This is the weekend where many of the big trout can be found in the main streams making their way to the headwaters. This provides the perfect opportunity to cast out the leaf worm and pull them from the overgrown shoulders. While this process is captivating, it is in fact the surroundings that demand the most attention. It is a visual array of paradise, seemingly more than the eye can handle. As I stood in the stream, staring at the reflections, I listened to the wind whisper the last stanza of a summer poem. It is a bittersweet feeling, to be out in such a perfect place at such a perfect time, yet still keenly aware that the season is coming to a close, and that the trout will have months to escape the sharp barbs and the invisible line.

WI Fall Trout Stream

This trout stream in Wisconsin has many fall colors surrounding it at the end of September.

Not a single mosquito hums his song, and it is as if the birds have changed their pitch. They now sing a song of content…a song of nestling and roosting, in preparation of the flurries and gusts to come. My trip yields some nice brown trout, and I wander back through the golden ferns on the forest floor, my creel full of fall’s last promise. I stop and take a look around. The crimson and yellow gracefully fall around me, twirling and dancing toward the ground. They are destined to their path, just as I am destined to mine. I remind myself that this is paradise, and soon enough, the pure white blanket will be gone, and the innocence of spring will return and bring its soul back to the land. Until then, I will always remember the fall trips, and the hope of many more seasons to come.

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