Virginia Gov. to Sign Sunday Hunting Bill

VA Governor to Sign Sunday Hunting into Law, Much to Dismay of Conservatives

VA Sunday Hunting

VA Governor to Sign Bill Allowing Sunday Hunting on Private Lands

Last month we posted an article about a bill that was in the Virginia Senate to allow hunting on Sundays. Now, proponents of the bill can rejoice because Governor Terry McAuliffe has said that he will sign the bill into law. While this is a step in the right direction, it unfortunately only allows hunting to hunters on private property with written permission. Public lands will still not allow Sunday hunting, but waterfowl hunters will be able to hunt over public waters such as the Chesapeake Bay. Continue Reading

Virginia to Allow Hunting on Sundays

Virginia to Allow Hunting on Sundays

Virginia Sunday Hunting

Hunters in Virginia will soon be able to hunt on Sundays

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill on January 28th that will allow hunting on Sundays in the state of Virginia. Previously, hunting was banned on Sundays and is in several states in the Eastern U.S. Continue Reading