Gigantic North Dakota Mule Deer Buck Shot- User Submission

North Dakota Mule Deer Buck of a Lifetime

Cole Fenzel Buck

Cole Fenzel shot this enormous mule deer buck during the North Dakota mule deer hunt with his bow. The buck had a non typical score of 206 6/8 and the net was 196 3/8.

Cole Frenzel is a fan of MorningMoss and a North Dakota bow hunter. This past season he had the experience of a lifetime when he shot an absolute gigantic mule deer buck. Read the story below as told by Cole about his 206 6/8 inch buck that netted a typical score of 196 3/8 inches.  Continue Reading

Linn County Iowa Monster Buck Killed – User Submission

Linn County Iowa Monster Buck Killed – User Submission

Giant Linn County Iowa Buck

This giant Linn County Iowa buck was shot by Todd Becker on November 3, 2016

Todd Becker from Linn County, Iowa killed a giant buck on November 3rd after watching the Cubs win the world series in a late night the night before. Be sure to read this incredible story he told on an incredible deer!

So this is the story of the November 3rd 2016 hunt. The Cedar River in Linn County has been flooded out all summer. So the deer are pushed out of the river bottom timber and islands on the river on our hunting ground. So we only had a few stands to hunt on the higher ground. I had only been out three times before this hunt on Wednesday. On Mondaynight we had a very nice deer hit the camera. One of my buddies went Tuesday morning and did not see Mr Big. My only chance to hunt was on Wednesday morning! Trust me it was tough getting up after that long Cubbie WS Championship! Continue Reading

Wisconsin Turkey Kill- User Submission

Wisconsin Turkey Kill

<h2>Wisconsin Turkey Kill</h2>

This Wisconsin turkey was shot and killed on the first Saturday of the first season in Southern Wisconsin.

It didn’t take long for Dylan to get his Wisconsin turkey tag filled on the first Saturday of the first season. He set up on a group of Toms and within a half an hour, had one come running into the decoy. The tom weighed 25 pounds, had a 9 inch beard and one inch spurs.  Continue Reading

Big Pennsylvania Whitetail-User Submission

Big Pennsylvania Whitetail-User Submission

Reading Pennsylvania Buck

Noel Demko shot this bug Pennsylvania buck on October 24, 2015 in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Noel Demko sent in this picture of a big Pennsylvania buck that she shot during the fall rut in 2015. Noel put this big boy down on October 24, 2015 in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Continue Reading

Brothers Double Up on South Dakota Buck Kills- User Photos

Brothers Double Up on South Dakota Buck Kills- User Photos

Calvin Krusick buck

Calvin Krusick shot this whitetail buck in South Dakota during the 2015 hunting season.

Calvin Krusick and a group of friends headed out to South Dakota last week to hunt whitetail and mule deer bucks on public land. They had a great week and on the first day, Calvin scored on a big whitetail buck. His little brother Cody was able to capitalize on a nice mule deer later in the week too. Check out more photos below. Continue Reading

10 Year Old Scores a Big Texas Buck! User Photo

10 Year Old Scores a Big Texas Buck!

Big Texas Buck

10 year old Kendall shot this big 12 point Texas buck last weekend.

Some people go years, or most of their lives before killing a monster buck but 10 year old Kendall was lucky enough to do it at only 10 years old! Kendall shot the big buck with her dad in Texas and was incredibly excited. Congratulations to Kendall! Continue Reading

Monster 191 + Inch Waupaca County, WI Buck Killed

Monster 191 + Inch Waupaca County, WI Buck Killed

paul vogelman buck

Paul Vogelman shot this 191 inch, 14 point buck during the opening weekend of the Wisconsin archery season in Waupaca County.

Big bucks are falling in Wisconsin and we’ve got another monster added to the MorningMoss big buck contest! Paul Vogelman shot this huge 14 point buck in Waupaca county on opening weekend of the Wisconsin archery season. The buck scored 191 inches and has some incredible mass. Continue Reading

Beer Can Buck Mount is Done!

Missouri Beer Can Buck Mount

beer can buck mount

Kevin Clouse shot this huge buck dubbed the “beer can buck” in Missouri last fall and he finally got the mount back. It looks great!

Kevin Clouse was the lucky hunter who shot the “Beer Can Buck” last Missouri at Tombstone Creek Outfitters last December. Kevin had a crazy hunt that day and was able to shoot this 200+ inch giant! He had seen the deer in years prior and was pumped to get a chance to kill it. Continue Reading

Big Wisconsin Shed Find- User Submission

Big Wisconsin Shed Find- User Submission

Wisconsin Shed antlers

These Wisconsin shed antlers were found by Kyle Jansma and a friend on a 12 mile walk looking for deer antlers.

After walking 12 miles in the frigid Wisconsin weather, Kyle was able to come out with some bone in his hands. The two hour walked turned up  four shed antlers and boy, were they beauties. Keep scrolling and click through to see more photos! Continue Reading