Last Second Turkey Kill- User Submission

WI Turkey Kill

wi turkey hunt

Nick was able to shoot and kill this big 20.7 pound tom during the Wisconsin turkey hunt in the third period.

Nick was about ready to head in for his third period Wisconsin turkey hunt when he decided to walk near where he last heard some toms gobbling. It had been a frustrating season, but on his way back to the truck, he wanted to give it one more shot. Lucky for him, he did. Continue Reading

Backyard Buck Shed User Submission

Backyard Buck Shed User Submission

backyard buck shed

Cora was able to find this big buck shed while walking around in her grandparent’s backyard.

Cora was one lucky girl last week when she found this big buck shed antler in Wisconsin while walking in her grandparent’s backyard. The big eight pointer was a frequent visitor to the yard all fall and made it’s winter home around there as well, and luckily, Cora was able to find one of his antlers! Continue Reading

MorningMoss Shed Antler Photo Contest

Shed Antler Photo Contest

shed antler photo contest

To enter the shed antler photo contest send your photos to and share on social media to win great prizes!

Winter can be a drag, but with spring just around the corner, we know that all of you hunters are ready to get outside and start scouring the woods, fields, marshes and hills for shed antlers! We want to see your pictures and hear your stories from the shed antlers you find and that’s why we’re having a contest (with prizes) for the best photos, stories and biggest antlers. Continue Reading

Last Chance Ice Fishing in WI- User Submission

Last Chance Ice Fishing in WI- User Submission

Ice Fishing

The shorelines on this lake were gone but that didn’t stop one ice fisherman from catching a whole bunch of WI Crappies

One Wisconsin ice fisherman got out on the ice one last time this weekend before the entire lake looked like this shoreline. While the shore of the lake was melted off, there were some parts that you could access it and get out to the middle where the ice was still 6-8 inches thick. Continue Reading

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

Girl Turkey Hunt

WI Hunter bags Turkey Behind Her House

Many hunters dream about killing their trophies right outside their back door, but few of us actually get to. Well, this young lady did just that last spring when she was able to sneak in on a gobbler right behind her house in an alfalfa field. Continue Reading

Louisiana Black Coyote- User Submission

Black Coyote- User Submission

Black Coyote

JQ Austin shot this black coyote in Ethel, Louisiana in late October with a bow. What a trophy!

Louisiana Black Coyote Shot with Bow

JQ Austin shot this black coyote in Ethel, Louisiana with a bow in late October while bow hunting for deer. Continue Reading

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind

Nick Hall hunted ducks out of this luxurious blind in Louisiana this past January

Nick Hall, friend of, had a successful hunt in Opelousas, Louisiana this past January. Continue Reading

Jimbo’s Jumbos- User Submission

Jimbo’s Jumbos- User Submission

Giant Elk & Deer Mounts

This MorningMoss user by the name of Jimbo submitted his mounts of a few of his trophies from just the past 2 years. Keep up the good work!

Reader and fan- Jimbo is showing off a few of his mounts from trophies that he’s managed to tag in the last two seasons. Continue Reading

Blizzard Tipup- User Submission

Blizzard Tip-Up User Submission

Blizzard Tipup

This MorningMoss reader submitted a photo of his Tip-Up flag going up while being buried in snow.


This MorningMoss reader wanted to show off his tip-up that went off when he was ice fishing during a blizzard in Wisconsin. Luckily for him the flag was a good one and an 18-inch keeper Walleye awaited on the hook. Continue Reading