Noodle Match Set Shed Antler- User Submission

Noodle Match Set Shed Antler

Kelsey Gese Shed Antler

Kelsey Gese found this matched set with her 13 week old poodle partner in training in Minnesota during #ShedRally 2015.

With #ShedRally this weekend we’ve seen some awesome antlers turn up in our inboxes. While most of the Midwest had a decent amount of snow still, there were still some die-hard shed hunters out there who managed to pick up some bone, including this matched set off of a buck called Noodle in Minnesota. Continue Reading

Backyard Buck Shed User Submission

Backyard Buck Shed User Submission

backyard buck shed

Cora was able to find this big buck shed while walking around in her grandparent’s backyard.

Cora was one lucky girl last week when she found this big buck shed antler in Wisconsin while walking in her grandparent’s backyard. The big eight pointer was a frequent visitor to the yard all fall and made it’s winter home around there as well, and luckily, Cora was able to find one of his antlers! Continue Reading

Big Tom Trail Camera Photo- User Submission

Big Tom Trail Camera Photo- User Photo

turkey trail cam photo

This monster tom turkey trail camera photo was sent in by a user.

Jeff Heim only got one photo off of his Cuddeback trail camera last week, but it was a dandy. After already harvesting a 22 pounder this year and having his dad shoot a 23 pounder, Jeff said that this tom may be one that is already at the smokehouse waiting to be a tasty meal.  Continue Reading

Shed Full Of Sheds- User Submission

Shed Full of Sheds- User Submission

shed antler building

This user submitted photo shows a massive building full of shed antlers

This is one of the coolest photos that I’ve ever seen involving shed antlers and we’re glad that it was submitted to us. Little information was given but the user said that they wanted to remain anonymous. The entire “shed” or barn is full of shed antlers and many were found by the same person.

Continue Reading

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

Girl Turkey Hunt

WI Hunter bags Turkey Behind Her House

Many hunters dream about killing their trophies right outside their back door, but few of us actually get to. Well, this young lady did just that last spring when she was able to sneak in on a gobbler right behind her house in an alfalfa field. Continue Reading

Buck Arrowed in Butt – User Submission

Buck Arrowed in Butt User Submission

Arrow in Buck

This little buck was captured walking around with an arrow sticking out of his ass

This little buck photo was sent in by a user that shows a smaller buck that was shot in the ass with an arrow. Continue Reading

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind

Nick Hall hunted ducks out of this luxurious blind in Louisiana this past January

Nick Hall, friend of, had a successful hunt in Opelousas, Louisiana this past January. Continue Reading

Blizzard Tipup- User Submission

Blizzard Tip-Up User Submission

Blizzard Tipup

This MorningMoss reader submitted a photo of his Tip-Up flag going up while being buried in snow.


This MorningMoss reader wanted to show off his tip-up that went off when he was ice fishing during a blizzard in Wisconsin. Luckily for him the flag was a good one and an 18-inch keeper Walleye awaited on the hook. Continue Reading

Shark Week Trophy Catch

Catch A Trophy Shark

When you fishing in the ocean, you certainly think about it… Jaws, monster sharks, catching one or having it catch you. Either way, this loyal reader managed to bag a shark on a recent fishing trip and we thought we’d show you.

Catching a shark is Bad ass, no matter how big it is.

Big Ass Shark

Catch a Shark, become a Bad Ass