The Toughest Turkeys

Hard-Hunted Gobblers: The Toughest Turkeys

By: Brian Lovett

Here’s a simple statement: Human hunting pressure makes turkeys more difficult. Now, here’s the oft-ignored second part of that equation: Pressured turkeys are not impossible. They are still turkeys, and you can still kill them.

Here’s how. Continue Reading

Spring Turkey Tips

What to Do When Your Turkey Hunting Plan Blows Up  

By: Brian Lovett  

Having a plan always results in better turkey hunting. And sometimes, gobblers follow that plan. Other days, however, they toss the playbook aside and leave you scratching your head.  

But the game shouldn’t end there. When a longbeard throws you a curve, switch tactics to keep your hunt alive. Let’s examine several common broken-plan scenarios and look at how you can adapt.   Continue Reading

The Two Year Tom

The Two Year Tom

By: Ron Weber

The gobble startled me as it shattered the pre-dawn silence. A few soft hen yelps from my slate call had incited the response, which in turn excited me. It was the first morning of my spring turkey season and it now seemed as though it might be a short one as I knew I had a tom close by, easily within 60 yards. As I impatiently waited for light, I couldn’t help but to throw out a few more soft calls- each call being answered by a booming gobble. I know many “experts” would say to avoid calling too much to a tom on the roost, but for me, gobbling was the kick that made spring turkey hunting so special. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Turkeys Don’t Get the Hint- User Submission

Wisconsin Turkeys Don’t Get the Hint- User Submission

Dead Gobbler

This big Tom’s friends didn’t get the hint when their buddy went down with an arrow on this spring Wisconsin Turkey Hunt

There is a time to stick around and be brave, and a time to run. This Tom that is left standing in this photo needs to learn when the time to run is. He is left standing after his friend is laying on the ground with an arrow through his heart. The hunter that shot this Tom did so with a Mathews bow in Southern Wisconsin. Continue Reading

Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls- New Product

Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls

Cabelas SL Turkey Calls

The Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls are looking to be a great buy for this season

Cabelas Outfitters has a history of putting out some great products that, for the most part, come without the big name price and it looks like they’ve done it again with an all new series of turkey calls for 2014. The Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls truly has something for everyone. Whether you like to use a diaphragm, pot call, or box call, you can have your choice with the SL Series. Continue Reading

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

Girl Turkey Hunt

WI Hunter bags Turkey Behind Her House

Many hunters dream about killing their trophies right outside their back door, but few of us actually get to. Well, this young lady did just that last spring when she was able to sneak in on a gobbler right behind her house in an alfalfa field. Continue Reading