An Underwater Camera You Say?      

An Underwater Camera You Say?    

By: Kyle Sorensen

With the temperatures dropping and the white stuff starting to fall, my blood gets pumping as I know the ice is sure to follow. We as anglers, go into anticipation mode. Getting the gear ready, checking the local bays and ponds for the first glimpse of ice, getting the gear ready, maybe making a new purchase (because it was on sale of course), getting the gear ready… getting my hint?  Continue Reading

It’s All About Visibility

If You’re Looking For Electronics, It’s All About Visibility

By: Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz

Winter has arrived, but spring will be here quicker than you think! If you are like us, when you’re not on the ice chasing walleyes, you are using this time to spool new line on your reels, reorganize tackle, and sort out all of the odds and ends that somehow made their way into the glove box of the boat over the summer! Continue Reading

Perfect App for all Outdoorsman- Trimble

Hunting and Fishing App- Trimble

hunting app

Trimble is a hunting, fishing and all-around outdoors app that you can get for free for android and iOS devices.

With smartphones becoming more and more popular over recent years, apps have become a great tool that can make life a lot easier. Lets face it, wouldn’t you like to be able to access things such as topo maps, a compass, aerial maps, and be able to track your routes on maps? If you like this kind of stuff, then Trimble Outdoors Navigator is one app you need to own! You can download the Trimble app from the Google Play store and iTunes Store here.  Continue Reading

Oregon Father/Son Elk Calling Duo Release App

New Elk Calling App

Elk Hunting App

The iCallElk App is an instructional application available on Apple devices to help hunters learn how to call in elk better.

A father and son elk calling duo who have both won big competitions for their skills have created and released a new app for Apple devices to help hunters improve their elk calling. Bryan Langley is a 2012 and 2013 Pro Division world elk-calling champion and his 15 year old son Brayden is a former Peewee Division elk-calling champion from McMinnville, Oregon. The duo teamed up to create an app for hunters to help them learn how to better produce elk sounds from various calls with instructions, sound clips and videos.   Continue Reading

Hunting Maps GPS Software

Hunting Maps GPS Software

Hunting Maps GPS

Hunting Maps GPS Software allows hunters the opportunity to find more public lands

To show just how much technology has changed the hunting industry and the sport itself, one would have to look no further than a GPS device. Not only has this device enabled us to go further than we would have before, but we can mark sign, fishing hotspots and more. Continue Reading