TrackingPoint Shotglass- The Google Glass for Hunters & Shooters

TrackingPoint Shotglass Glasses

TrackingPoint shotglass

TrackingPoint’s Shotglass shooting glasses will allow shooters to line up perfect shots from hundreds of yards away.

Last year when Google Glass hit the market, many industries were trying to figure out how wearable technology would affect them. Hunting and shooting sports were no different and now this year, we have Shotglass from TrackingPoint. According to TrackingPoint, Shotglass is “similar to Google Glass but optimized for shooting sports.” The high-tech shades are proving to insane with what they allow you to do and shooters can even shoot around corners. Learn all about TrackingPoint Shotglass Glasses below.  Continue Reading

Puddle Jump Ducks Without a Dog

Puddle Jump Ducks Without a Dog

Puddle Jump Ducks

Puddle Jumping ducks and waterfowl is a fun way to hunt without a dog and get exercise

Duck hunting is one of the most fun activities of the fall, but for those who don’t have dogs or are bored in the mid-day hours, there is a way to hunt and get some exercise. Continue Reading

Get Ready for Opening Day of Duck Season

Opening Day Duck Hunt Tips

duck hunt

Opening day of duck hunting season is the perfect time to bag your limit of birds

Somewhere, sometime, in the middle of a hot, humid summer and early fall, lies the promise of cool mornings, big or little water holes and the sound of waterfowl wings. This, is the opening day of duck season. Continue Reading