Shed Antler Hunting Tips: How to Find More Antlers

How to Find More Shed Antlers

Shed Antler Hunting Tips

Finding big shed antlers can be as simple as being in the right place at the right time, and these tips will help get you there.

Do you like to find shed antlers? Do you want to find more? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Right now is the time to get out and start finding the antlers that bucks have cast and we’ve put together some tips on how you can add more to your pack this year. Continue Reading

Ancient Sheds Found in Michigan

Ancient Sheds Found in Michigan

Ancient Shed antlers Found

While this is not a photo of the shed antlers found in Detroit, it shows that antlers that are old can still turn up in strange places.

You probably have heard of some strange stories when it comes to shed hunting and this one is no exception. Construction workers in Michigan several years ago were digging in a peat moss bog and you will not believe what they found.  A pair of whitetail sheds laying just feet apart under 16 feet of dirt and moss. Continue Reading

Shed Antler On Ice- User Submission

Shed Antler On Ice- User Submission


This shed antler was found on the last chunk of ice in this marsh before it melted in Southern Michigan. Great find and just in the nick of time!

This Morning Moss reader submitted this photo of a shed antler he found in Southern Michigan last weekend. It looks like a great shed and he got there just in time before that last chunk of ice melted and it probably would have never been found. Continue Reading

Spring Shed Hunting Advice

Spring Shed Hunting Advice

Spring Shed Hunting

Large forests in Northern Wisconsin can provide many great spots for shed antlers.

Although many people have been out shed hunting across much of the US, some of us in the northern part of the country are still covered in snow. With rising temperatures, all of us will soon be able to get out and collect some bone and we can’t wait! Continue Reading

Shed Hunting is Scouting Time

Shed Hunting is Scouting Time

Snow Shed Antler

Shed hunting can lead you to the paths that big bucks take in the fall.

Late winter and early spring are great times for getting out and finding the bone of the bucks that have eluded you, as well as other hunters, during the past hunting season. While finding sheds can be fun, you can also use this time to learn many things about the deer in your area such as finding the travel patterns of bucks, finding bedding areas, and possible tweaks in stand locations. Continue Reading

Matched Set #ShedRally- User Submission

Matched Set #ShedRally- User Submission


This set of shed antlers found in Wisconsin belong to a very nice buck that is sure to be a shooter next season

The first user submission we’ve received for today’s #ShedRally is definitely a good one and it comes from a state that is currently buried in snow, Wisconsin. This shed hunter found a matched set of a really nice 2 or 3 year old buck in a set of pines laying about 4 feet apart.  Continue Reading

Shed Full Of Sheds- User Submission

Shed Full of Sheds- User Submission

shed antler building

This user submitted photo shows a massive building full of shed antlers

This is one of the coolest photos that I’ve ever seen involving shed antlers and we’re glad that it was submitted to us. Little information was given but the user said that they wanted to remain anonymous. The entire “shed” or barn is full of shed antlers and many were found by the same person.

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