Get Back to your Wild Side with Mountain Mike’s Man Products

Mountain Mike’s Soaps and Lip Balm

Mountain Mike's Soap Review

Mountain Mike’s carries a full line up of outdoor smelling soaps and lip balms.

The outdoors are fun and nothing makes you feel more alive, but they can also be messy. Men need the spirit of the wild to thrive in their native environment, but that doesn’t mean that when they’re done they can’t clean up. If you’re an outdoor lover who wants to come in from the outdoors and not use any sissy smelling flower soaps, but still want to get clean, then Mountain Mikes is for you. Continue Reading

SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY ROVER Sunglasses

SPY Optics continues to produce awesome frame and lens combinations for outdoor enthusiasts like the Rover sunglasses.

SPY Optics is no slouch when it comes to making heavy duty glasses that can withstand abuse in the outdoors. With the new “Happy Lens” Technology that improves the mood of the person wearing the glasses, the new SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses are durable, stylish and protective. We wanted to test out how well the lenses of the SPY Rovers helped us see (especially in water) and how well they protected our eyes.  Continue Reading

The Fish Don’t Stand a Chance with these Polarized Sunglasses

Breakline Romar Polarized Sunglasses Review

Breakline polarized romar sunglasses

Breakline Polarized Sunglasses are some of the most comfortable and clearest glasses you can have for fishing.

People who like to fish need to spend time on the water, and to spend time on the water you need to protect your eyes. That’s where a good pair of polarized sunglasses comes in. There are tons out there, in all sorts of different price ranges and styles, but these new glasses from Breakline Sunglasses are definitely worth putting on your face. Continue Reading

No Need for Expensive Game Calls with the iHunt Calls by Ruger App

iHunt Calls by Ruger App Review

iHunt Calls by Ruger

The iHunt Calls by Ruger App allows you access to hunting info and hundreds of game calls.

What if there was a way to predator hunt, turkey hunt, elk hunt and call for these animals with one device that you can put in your pocket? It’d be really convenient right? Well, now there is with the iHunt Calls by Ruger App. This app allows you to access hundreds of game calls from different animals on your phone and connect it to a Bluetooth speaker so that you easily call these animals while hunting. You can save hundreds of dollars with this $5.99 app, instead of spending it on an expensive game call.  Continue Reading

Mission Hype DT Bow Review

Mission Hype DT Bow Review

Mission Hype DT Bow Review

Mission Archery’s Hype DT bow is able to be adjusted for draw lengths from 19-30 inches without a bow press.

Mission Archery is known for the high quality products that it produces at prices that almost anyone can afford. The new Mission Hype DT Bow is all that and then some because it’s not only a top-of-the-line bow that is reasonably priced, but it’s a bow that someone can shoot for a long, long time and is very customizable. Check out the full Mission Hype DT Bow Review. Continue Reading

Bring the Trail with you all Day with this Hat from Prana

Prana Beckett Trucker Hat Review

Prana Beckett Trucker Hat

This stylish Beckett trucker hat from Prana has an outdoor style with a woods and trail scene.

Outdoorsman don’t get much credit when it comes to style and sometimes it is for good reason. I’m sure that many of your wives or girlfriends have asked you to dress nicer, or trendier. Well, today we are here to help. While this hat may not satisfy your entire outfit needs, the Beckett Trucker hat from Prana is stylish AND every outdoorsman will love the woodland print.  Continue Reading

Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6 Charger Review

Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6 Charger Review


Endless Sun Solar Charger Review

The Apollo 6 charger from Endless Sun Solar is a great addition to your pack or hunting gear when you want to keep your electronics going full force.

Being out in the field on a several day hunt, hike or outdoor expedition can pose some issues if you’re worried about losing power. In cases like these (and many more) we recommend getting a high-quality solar charger, like the Apollo 6 charger from Endless Sun Solar. Continue Reading

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat Review

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat Review

If you purchase the Thrive hat from Tinlid Hat Co. they will plant a tree in a National Forest.

Wearing a cool hat is great, but when you can give back to the environment by doing so, that makes it even better. Tinlid Hat Co. makes cool hats that not only look good, but each style supports a different non-profit group that helps improve our communities. The Thrive Hat from Tinlid Hat Co. helps support our National Forests, so we were pumped when we got the chance to check one out. Continue Reading

Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Review

Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Review

OR Helium II Jacket

Lightweight, 100% waterproof and the best quality out there, the Helium II Jacket from OR is a great buy.

Backpackers and hikers need a minimalist shell that is lightweight, packable and easy to carry in case of a flash storm. Luckily for us, Outdoor Research has made one that fits all of these criteria and adds in style with the Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket. Not only does the jacket weigh almost nothing (6.4 ounces) but it looks cool and is 100% waterproof. Read the full Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Review below.  Continue Reading