Dog Training 101

Handling a Dog in the Pheasant Field

By: Jesse Dieckman

How many of us have heard someone at a distance yelling at their dog? The loud commands that they might be yelling range from; NO! Come! Here! Sit! Get over here NOW! A two worded dog’s name combines into one, for example, John Wayne is now JohnWayne. This experience is one that all hunters with dogs or being on a hunt with dogs have likely had happen at some point in time. Or, maybe we were the one doing the yelling! Continue Reading

Fish Fry Goes To South Dakota

A Wisconsin Fish Fry Goes To South Dakota

“Here’s one,” I said as I pull back on my spinning rod. The rod is bent in half and the tip is plunging as a fish takes off. I turn the fish but it stays deep running again. I stop the fish, getting it coming back toward the boat.
“Need the net?” Doug asks.
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Pheasant Hunting Tips for Any Season of the Year

Pheasant Hunting Tips

Pheasant Hunting Tips

These Pheasant Hunting Tips will help you put more birds on the table this season

While most of the hardcore pheasant seasons are over across the U.S. it’s just starting up for dog trainers and hunters and those who enjoy hunting pheasant game farms in the winter time and late season bird hunts. Pheasant hunting is a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It’s low-tech enough that you can do it by yourself. But it’s just as fun with a group of buddies and dogs. It can be done competitively, or just to put a delicious meal on the table. Continue Reading

How to Preserve Birds Before Taxidermy

How to Preserve Birds Before Taxidermy

Taxidermy birds

Preserve your birds to look their best with these taxidermy tips

With taxidermy becoming as expensive as it is (and for good reason) we want you to know exactly how to keep your trophy as perfect as possible before taking it to your taxidermist. Continue Reading